Mixing nutrients and ec level


I’m new to growing and I’ve got almost everything figured out other than nutrient and ec.

Do you mix nutrients in the ratio on the bottle and dilute to achieve ec/ppm?

I’ve tried a few feeding schedules but my ec is always low. I Start with ro water thats is like 12 ppm then after adding nutrients I end up with around 500 ec/250 ppm.

Should I be using more to achieve the 1.5 ec for week 2 of veg?


This is what you do. If you have a low TDS after mixing (assuming TDS meter is accurate) then you would need to mix to a higher concentration than you have but with the same ratio of nutrients called for.

I would suggest using an actual grow schedule rather than the callout on the package.

Ideally in veg your target will be around 900 ppm/1.8 EC. Flower levels will be up around 1,100/2.2.


What’s a good grow schedule? I’ve seen a lot of different ones but they are used for other setups.

I have a drip feed recirculated system with watering 15 on 45 off while lights are on and gh flora nutrients.

Used the lucas formula calculator , dont let your ppm go past 1150 before flower .

Thanks for the info that lukas method is easy to understand. It doesn’t say anything about calmag. My ro water is like 12ppm does it need calmag with this method?

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In veg yes you will need calmag for the most part of vegging .

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