Mixing Nutes for the First Time

I am growing in Coco and I have the Bergman’s fertilizer kit for the full grow but I want to add Silica-blast and some CalMag to my mix.

I was curious if I should mix the Bergman’s fertilizer into its own solution then the CalMag & Silica-blast into its own solution and alternate waterings with the solutions?

Or should I mix it all into one solution? It’s my first time measuring EC & pH, so could I mix it all into one solution and add more diluted water to bring down the EC? Then add pH up or down to correct the pH level?

I just don’t want to fry my plants and it’s the first time giving them the appropriate ratio of fert.

Silica is always mixed in first, then cal mag, then whatever order the nutrient line calls for regarding their Grow, Bloom etc, Silica tends to raise PH and I, when mixing, add the amount of PH Down the entire mix needs to get in range right after silica is added. This helps the other ingredients mix together.

For example: 5 gallons of nutrients (Jack’s) takes 10 ml of PH Down with all ingredients. Knowing this; I mix into 5 gallons of water my silica followed by PH Down. Then everything else.


This probably won’t be stable. Try what Myfriendis410 suggested, making sure everything is completely mixed before adding next.

Not all nutes lines mix well together , because they are not made to use with other lines , so basically if you want to mix them all at once it’s gonna be an experiment

Because I’m using the ILGM Bergman’s fertilizer, could (should) I add Silica and CalMag? I’m growing in coco so I thought it was advised.

Does it matter if the nutes are liquid vs solid when it comes to not mixing well?

I would add silica and Cal Mag in coco. Liquid mixes about the same as dry.

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Thank you!

Should I mix the silica and cal mag into the same solution for the watering since they come from the same company; then make a fertilizer ‘feeding’ solution out of the Bergman’s?

Do just as I said above. You can if you want but mixing in order in the same container works just fine.

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Okay, so…

  1. Silica and wait until it is completely dissolved (adjust ph in this step when I know what I’ll need to add)
  2. CalMag
  3. Ilgm fertilizer
  4. Add ph up or down to adjust the level (because I have no idea how much of either I’ll be adding)

Do I add the recommended amount for silica and CalMag during veg stage and then adjust the EC by adding more diluted water if necessary?

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I’ve been mixing my calmag first, I knew there was an order but this is the first time I have read that silica MUST be first. Could you direct me to a definitive list or description of why the order is what it is? How do you go about deciding the order to mix nutes if you are say using two different lines of nutes?

Just pick any grow schedule and they’ll tell you. FF is a good example.

Exactly. I run silica almost all the way through flower: trichome stalks are composed of silica so a necessary micro-nutrient for cannabis.

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I tested ILGM nutes for a couple years. I never had to add Cal-Mag.

Here is my breakdown on using the nutrient system.

Its funny you should say FF as an example. Its FF that led me to ask this question in the first place. FF would love me to use their entire line I’m sure, and if I did I prolly wouldn’t need say… botanicare silica blast or cal-mag, let alone worry when to add it. But I’m not. How would I, or where would I look to figure that out? Seriously, because I’m starting flowering in my second grow and I thought I had been mixing it correctly only to find out that it was dumb luck that got me here. Figure before I progress any more I should know the what and why we do things the way we do. Can you help me to understand the technique and the science? Did that make sense?