Mixing light types

So I’m running 3 blurples actual draw 165 each. I got a good deal on a T5 strip light just one 4 ft light. I’m wondering if I can use them together.

this is my tent with the 3 lights. Do I need the T5 and would it help at all

I don’t think the T5 will help much, but I won’t tell you it won’t help at all, because extra light is better than not having enough. @Carol4486


You can mix them, no problem


You could use it as a side light


You can use the t5 with the blurples, but you’d have to get it so close, (unless it’s a side light), that it would block other light.

What do you mean as a side light? Literally on the side? @Killadruid @Drinkslinger

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Yes. It’s literally on the side so it doesn’t block your main lights. And lower because of less power. For the outer edges. :+1::wink::v:


@Oldguy @Killadruid @Drinkslinger would it benefit me to put led strips up as side lights I figured that would bring me up to 670 watts being almost 42 watts per square foot right now only 550 watts

How about this, what’s your lighting budget?

Well I’ve already got 450 into it and with the strips it’s another 90 instead of a dyi from scratch, I’d like to use what I own

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Hanging the t5 side light I see a huge difference but still not hitting the 640 I need. So I thought led sidelights

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Are going to buy the strips for $90, or do you already have them?

You can diy a 100w panel like this for around $100, and the quality of light is far superior to any blurple panel.

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I don’t think I can pull off the diy lights in no way am I electrically talented and I have a very old farm house and I get nervous plugging in professionally done electrical stuff.

Ok scratch the diy.

How many plants are you growing? What lights specifically And what size tent/grow area are you in?

3x165w= 495w. So you’ve got enough for around 10sq ft.

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I’m using one half of a 4x8 tent 5 plants in 5 gallon pots with 3x 1000w(165actual) leds added a T5 tube light 54 watt today as side light. I put it on the side with out the wall

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You would need 4 to actually make a difference. What type of t5 is is?

54watt high output tube light vita plant brand 6500 k

6500k isn’t really an effective flowering spectrum.

If what you have is what you have, may I suggest moving the plants and lights closest to one side of the tent. That way the walls will reflect the light a little better.
Maybe even think about blocking off the other unused half of the tent. You can buy 1/2” Mylar backed rigid foam insulation in a 4’x8’ section for around $15 at Home Depot. It’ll help keep those photons where you can use them.

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That light is low and across the tent

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This is one half of the tent I have the fans and such on other side and that’s where I go in

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