Mixing 2700k and 6500k T5 bulbs

I have a 12-tube T5 H/O grow light.
It is a pain to have to change bulbs every 8-10 weeks…Can I mix 6-6500k bulbs and 6-2700k bulbs?
If so will it affect the grow? Not sure if the 2700k bulbs will give me a shorter but bushier plant.


EDIT: I plan on mixing the bulbs and doing my Veg and Bloom under the same light w/o the hassle of changing bulbs.

Thanks Again :slight_smile:

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You can DEFINITELY mix tubes! By doing so, you can actually give your plants more of a full spectrum lighting than by just using one spectrum. By doing this you could use this fixture throughout entire grow if you really wanted to. Although I would recommend once veg is over to only have 2 out of the 12 tubes being 2700k, you want more red spectrum in flower.

Hope this helps! :v:

I have the 8 tube T/5. It is especially nice for keeping my mothers going. I never really thought of mixing bulbs for a wider spectrum. I have been using just the 6500. Although they are the agromax blue intensive bulbs. Been OK for now but don’t have any long term results from it.

I’ve done 2 grows under the T5’s and I’m very happy with my light, very little heat and my electric bill stays under $150

Thanks for the info…I never thought about only a few bulbs of blue and the rest red spectrum :slight_smile:

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