Mixed variety grow recommendations

Hi all, I will be wrapping up my first grow in the next few weeks and am looking for advice. I have ILGM seeds for white widow, banana kush, gold leaf, Afghan and indica. I have one 48x48x80 tent with viperaspectra lights (a 450 w and 1200w). I have excellent ventilation and my grow room is an old darkroom in my basement. What varieties would wok well together? They will all be started at the same time. I am working under 2 medical marijuana cards and am allowed a max of 8 seedlings and 8 mature plants. We plan on making cbd oil with most.

i would love to know how you make your cbd oil.

I am using the Rick Simpson method, but using grain alcohol instead of butane. (Trying it for the first time)

My 4x4x8 can adequately hold 5-6 plants vegged for 2-3 months so I go big. My plants range usually 36+ inches in height and all ILGM strains go wide. More branches=more bud. I am carefully reviewing strain information to try to match strains based on height and flower time. I currently have 13 ILGM strains. I am growing 3 strains. growing 5 plants 3 of 5 are Blue Dream(mom+2clones), a Gscx and a LA con. when I started I had no idea of whether strains were compatible. However, I just went at it fearlessly. Everything is working okay so far in week 1 of flower.

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They should grow well together
I have goldleaf superskunk chem dawg agent orange supersilver haze and northern lights all in the same space and the same soil and they are all super happy