Mixed up plants -- does anyone know which is which?

Somewhere along the line, I got my plants mixed up and now I don’t know which is the Blue Dream Auto Flower and which is the LSD Auto Flower! Can anyone help?

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not sure if anyone can help without pictures lol.

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lol – yes, that would help!

I am having trouble uploading all of the photos – sorry and I wasn’t able to edit the posts…

I’m going to pull these out of the closet and take a photo side by side to see if some one can identify – one is LSD and one is Blue Dream – both autoflowers.

Take a closeup of a big fan leaf from both, maybe that would help a bit more

Welcome to the community. Once Blue Dream starts to flower you will generally smell like a Blueberry patch. You can’t identify till then. LSD doesn’t smell like blueberry patch.

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Does this help?

I had already given the tall lady a haircut. She’s getting close! :slight_smile:

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I really wish i had any first hand experience with any of those strains, but from the pic of the leaves, one plant clearly shows to be more on the Indica side and the other one more towards the Sativa side…
Being hybrids, its almost impossible to know really, but i would start at that to try and label them again…

Bets are open :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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The tall one is the Blue Dream most likely. Blue Dream is known to get tall, LSD not so much.