Mixed up madness 4 to 6 babies with a DIY dripper system


When your girls are in full flower (which im guessing they are) they do not continue to grow big and tall. Instead they put energy into the buds. Making then denser and larger. The yellow crispy tips looks to me like nute burn… prolly just fed a tad too heavy


Yeah got advised to give full strength nutes so i did i went with one feed one plain ph’d 6.5 water. 2 of these strains i have grew before and had issues aswell. After this grow i wont be doing it for a while until we move if we can find the right place. To rent. Anyway this grow has been one thing after another i will see it to the end and will keep ppl posted on the results.


Hey u love and learn. Im still here my guy just keep us posted


Well its nearly wk 9 day 63 from seed and well this is officially the worst grow so far in my growing career. However in my defense i have had alot of issue personlly tht has impacted in there care so now i have learnt alot and am starting to find mt feet again so once i move and get into my new place when i get one i will be doing a stagered grow also buying some new equipment bigger tent bigger extractor fans and of course my lights found on a site from a link given to me from @dbrn32. I spoke to the company that sells and builds them custom builds aswell. They will build you lights with the best spectrum for what you wish to grow disgreet many methods of payments including cash which is best for those stealth and private people who wish noone knows who or were u live etc. Anyway so i have about 3 to 4wks maybe more since they are very very stunted but the bud sites are starting to bulk up a little so if i can try to get big nugs from what i do have then it should be ok. Am also thinking of taking out the co2 bags i have in there with this grow as it doesnt seem to make a difference i got better results from smaller 300w leds than the 1000w vihimai i am using now. Might use the 1500w white light too just to boost the wattage but then its it a bit much for the space i have 80cmx80cmx160cm not big space. But i grew better in a wardrobe than this tent. I think i need to buy a better brand in future aswell. This growers is doing a overhaul on my grow equipment i will use wat i have for vegging or even just the first couple weeks then into a bigger tent. I have saw few things i want to get but stealth is key factor too i also want ultra quiet equipment so lights am getting tick the boxes so its just getting correct fans and humidifier & dehumidifier too few things am trying this time round aswell and soiless or similar process not decided in that i am also changing soil supplier as i found a very well recomended place aswell and will work with me they do what i do so they know what i need and why so quieter fans etc is needed incase i cant get the type of property i need or want so that i can do what i do. Anyway. I will try post some new pics later and see if i use the 1500w aswell as the 1000w leds for the rest of my grow or even 6 to 8hrs extra boost ontop of the 12hrs schedual the 1000w i could add the 1500w on a timer for 6 to 8 hrs inbetween the 12hrs schedual the 1000w is on. So it should boost the 236 actual wattage (1000w) to 486 actual wattage if add the 1500w whitelight. What you think. @PurpNGold74 @dbrn32


More light is usually better. As long as it does effect temps too bad. But adding 6 hours to your 12/12 would be 18/6 n your girls would stop producing flowers and begin to reveg. And this late into flower? It may not be healthy for her


More light will probably help with density if you can maintain other environmentals.


No i ment putting the light on for 6 to 8 hrs during the 12hr lights on period not 18/6 its 12/12 and using an extra light for 6 to 8 hrs during the 12/12 schedual will still be 12 on and 12 off its just either for 6 to 8hrs of tht schedule i will boost the wattage with 1500w white light. Adding it to the 1000w dual switch blurple light both these light together. Anyway as i promised here are how they look now.
I am concerned but think its too late to do anything got around 2 to 4weeks left but my G.S.C As you can see in the pics looking bad think its in need of zinc or summin similar. Any ideas or is it just leaving them to finish off now. Any ideas help or advice will be really appreciated.

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Im sorry bro. I seriously have no idea…


What should i do with this crop. Any ideas. ???


What do you mean?


Well are they any good cause they dont smell much very little infact one just has a chemical smell but some strains are like tht but with all the issues i have had are these plants ok to smoke or should i just kull them and put them into compost.???


U may not yield pounds or grade A weed. But you will make it to harvest and have better then can be bought off the street. Let them ladies finish up. If nothing else ull get practice on the big finish and timing when to harvest. Also a test run on drying and curing and trimming. Lessons still to be learnd. How many weeks into flower are u?


I hope this chart help wid the dif problems

and how are you bro hope all is good


Thank bro i do have a similar chart but more detailed. Its zinc defiency gave her epsom salts and she looked a little better so al give her some more thn tht wil be it week 10 this weekend comming and its close to 13wks i think all in but i have learnt lots this time round aswell especially about many bits of info on other parts of growing am already thinking and planning nxt grow however until i get new house this is my last grow for a while. Just shame we arent neighbours @Shuggz iwish i could say all is well bro but truth be told things couldnt be much worse right now. But thanks for asking.


Buy yr house more my way then we will be we can chat on here also I got pure kannabos resin that the only thing that helps


That’s on other side this side jst a qik break dwn


If only i had the cash bro i would cottage in the sticks just me and the fam we would all be happy. Away from prying eyes and nosey neighbours. And winning thee competition i entered back in june by soft secrets run a comp in june wre people we’re asked the right time to use PK addative wen growing so i answered questuon correctly of course and thought no more of it until 1 week ago i got an email from a hydroponics company big online i think hydrogarden.com. AV seen thm online on various things. Anyway am hoping with the prizes av won and knowledge i have gained in my last 4grows am sure that i more than enough equipment in my arsenal to get a great crop out of 4plants nxt grow which unfortunately wont be till i move which am hoping it will be before xmas if not it will defo be just after thenew year. So fingers crossed we can get a new place asap help and prayers is all i have at this moment.


Don’t worry and u will get fam I hope all is good and well done on the com if I can help in any way let me knw ok


QUESTION: What is the best temp for drying ur crop.

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Temperature: between 65-77°F
Humidity: between 45%-55%
Keep it in the dark, light degrades THC. Hope that is helps. I hang mine back in the tent.