Mixed up madness 4 to 6 babies with a DIY dripper system


This is my water tank. I am still adding the final touches to my set up but most of its all in humidifier & dehumidifier is in all the leads etc are in ready to add lights and watever else i may add in once some of you have seen this post.

System type? = Soil with perlite i mix 40l soil with 10l perlite.
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? = N/A
What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS = will need help on how to use my system. ?
Indoor or Outdoor= indoor
Light system, size? =Cheap 300w led
Temps; Day= na night= na.
Humidity; = day= na. night= na
Ventilation system; 4inch kenly extractor inline fan and a 4inch black orchid inline extractor fan the kenly goes into a carbon filter and extracts out the tent while the black orchid brings in fresh cool air in.
Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA= (smokey bear, purple express freedom seeds,) (s.a.d sweet seeds), (girl scout cookies 420fastbuds) (green poison fast version, which is a photo feminized version.)? I may do this aswell but not sure as i also have red dragon and great white shark feminized seeds but not got the space for all them but am sure i will come up with some type of plan. Anyway back to the journal.
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, = Yes both no AC
Co2; = No may buy some co2 tablets or make my own.
Grow Tent=80cmx80cmx140cm
Medium= soil( bio nova.)
Lights= 2x 300w led’s plus various cfl’s and strip lights
(Not decided in or if i will use the extra lighting)

Light schedual= To be decided. But 16/8 or18/6 or 20/4 or i may try combination of all 3 starting at the 20/4 for couple weeks thn 18/6 thn 16/8 and finish of at 12/12 or since thy auto’s thn i can run any type of schedual from start to finish as what works for me.
@Sasquatch @dbrn32 @garrigan65 @Countryboyjvd1971 @FloridaSon @Firstgo @Kapelady @Shuggz @VoodooKing. Sorry if i have forgotten anyone i will try to remember anyone else who asked to be tagged in my next journal. Now it might take me a few days to update you all but i will once i have it up and running and i will try to document alot more this time and keep you all up to date.


Well guys the days is here i will be starting my germination process. Which has given me a near 100% sucess rate except for 1 seed i have done 100s if not 1000s of seeds this way all be it i have only 4 grows i have been germinating seeds for people for a while. Anyway. I take my seeds from my fridge and thn i place thm into cooled boiled water for anything from 1hr to 24hrs depending on the seed i wait until seed sinks thn i take it out and place it into a clear plastic tray i have altered to do wat i need i has upto 6 compartments for 6 strains and i could put 2 to 4 seeds in each copartment depending on if u mind the taprots may touch if thy get to long however it should be ok. Anyway as i said i place thwm into cooled boiled water as it sterilizes the water from the tap i do like the water to be a little above room temp luke warm but today i will try and get a temp reading on the water so that i can document it from start and hopefully to finish. Normally i tell by touching the water but i cant give out advice half the proof atleast if i document it all and have great success with some then i will know. Anyway rabbling a bit. Just so excited to get these 4 or 5 seeds into the process of making the meds we need. So i will attach pics of the way i have done my set up and how i germinate aswell i will be mixing my soil today aswell since i am doing autoflowers thn the less stress the better until the right time of course and as some ofus may know its also stress to a degree at the right times in growing is also what helps to produce thrichomes aswell as i think helps to pack on some extra weight. Anyway enough of that for now back to the good bit. So i put into the water for 1 to 24hrs or until all seeds have sunk which ever comes first 24rs or thy sink to bottom. Once i have done this i remove seeds carefully with tweezer even with gloves the less thy get handled i would says best. Once i remove them i place them into the plastic container/tub and place them into my plastic container into the compartment for tht strain in the tub i lay cotton wool along the bottom of the compartments in which i thn place the seed on top of the cotton wool then i place more cotton wool on top of each of the copartments making sure the seeds is covered gently sandwiched between to bits of cotton wool which i then add small amount of water not to much just enough to be damp for the seeds. And then i put on a lid and the place it into a dark warm place which can be anywere temp i dont realky worry normally but this time i will check and makesure its above 20 celcius though. But like i say i have always had a great success rate with my method so i will continue to do what works thats the best advice anyone could give you is always try something but do whats best and what you feel is best for you. So once this is done they will get checked every 12hrs until i decide if the taprot is out or long enough to plant but i would say 2cm or longer is best but not to long. I wouldn’t go more than 1.5inch but thts my opinion.
Now here is a question for anyone who knows what it is or has experience or know about it. I have a product aswell called great white shark now i was advised tht it helps give plants strong roots if you put it into the whole were thy are being planted that i know. My Q. Is do you think i could use it on or in my germinating tray to strengthen the taproot or should i just wait and place it into the wholes were the taproot goes into the soil.? Anyone can answer.

@Sasquatch @Shuggz @dbrn32 @FloridaSon @Firstgo @Kapelady @VoodooKing @garrigan65 @Countryboyjvd1971 @daz49 sorry if i have forgotten i will try to tag you if you wish to follow my journal please feel free thanks i hope this will be as enjoyable for yous as it will be for me to do this grow and share it with my new loving grow family. Lets get going and lets grow in peace my friends.


I wouldn’t use the great white until you transplant to your pot. I’ve heard that’s some good stuff though.


Im watching here to man. Best of luck on the baby girls


Thanks @Sasquatch thats what i was intending to do anyway but was thinking of giving an extra boost but al just stick to what i normally do. And it wont be too long another 24 to 36hrs depending on the the seeds i will probz plant thm all together depending on the size difference in taproots.


Well as promised here are some pics of my set up and some of the equipment i use to germinate and grow my way. Only thing is my dripper system might need a water pump to help pump water to the dripper as the gravity feed isnt enough preasure to reach 10 drippers for 5pots. For 2xGSC 1XPE 1XSB & 1XSAD 4 STRAINS 5 SEEDS INTO THIS SET UP AND I WILL USE A SCROG NET I USED IN MY LAST GROW IF I NEED TO. I WILL ALSO BE SWAPING ALL THE LIGHTS OUT AS SOON AS MY NEW ONE IS READY AND SHIPPED TO ME. ANYWAY. SOME PICS.

As you can see there is little nest shaped cotton balls to place seeds into tht are damp thn you cover thm up and wait. I remember to close the lid nice and tight the cotainer is packed with cotton wool but not too tight but enough to leave no space. And they are in a nice warm area but dark in my grow tent as its all running getting everything all sorted out all my temps and humidity etc.

Now speaking of temp i am running a little hot just now however i am still waiting on my new fan which is due today or tomz but i have a back up i use however its a little larger than i like to use its 16 or 21cm so bit too much power however it does fix the heating issue. And this last pic is the outside and how i run my hot air extractor fan which i think needs to be upgraded for this set up both 4inch fans thinking atleast a 5inch would keep this cooler but i have to work with what i can afford for now.

Also kept electric cables up high for safety also smoke alarm just incase a fire starts. Safety first.
@Shuggz @Sasquatch @garrigan65 @Countryboyjvd1971 @FloridaSon @Firstgo @Kapelady @PurpNGold74 @dbrn32. This nxt 3months will be fun my friends one of the strains are ment to be ready in as little as 6wks and up so lets see if this is true now its 6wks from flower thou so let us take this trip together and i will revel which strain is ment to be super fast from flower they are all AUTOFLOWER’s but from different breeders and are from the breeder direct via a friends shop lol. ? So what the verdicts my friends.?


A very green future you have - in my Yoda Voice


Ahhh thank you jedi master. - in my young sky walker accent lol. I really hope i have some huge purple nugs and green frosty ones too lol .


Looking good buddy
If you want the colors remember lower temps are need in last weeks of flower below 60f
But frosty nugs shouldnt be a problem :+1:


Yeah i done the purple express before am sure you saw them @Countryboyjvd1971 on one of my journal’s.
On another note that is another successful germination done checked all 5 this morning and tht all have a nice little tail about 1cm atleast however 1 i am worrying about and i shall post the pics later on but the taproot seems to be growing round the seed so i wonder if the bottom hasnt enough cushion for it and its solid ground so its growing round the seed shell i will probably plant them in a couple hrs once av gotten my water and tht all ph testing etc done and wet my soil for the transplanting of the seeds. Oh so exciting this nxt few days while we all wait for new life.


Thanks for the tag!

I haven’t seen the decision on lighting. I just thought I would suggest the 16/8. I don’t just say that because I’m cheap, I think they build more trichomes with longer dark periods.

Just an opinion…


@FloridaSon i am having to get a new light TOMMOROW because well my ones are jist cheaper thn cheap and dam noisey and my temps are far too high so think theres an issue with my first one this would be its 4th grow so i think i have had my moneys worth since you get what u pay for i guess. Anyway so i am getting a new one built for me but the parts arent there yet to build it so i have to wait but am told they are worth the wait and worth every penny. So i am getting it but in the mean time i must get a new light for my tent and tht means back to the lights i have asked about so many times but nobody seems to be able to tell wat thy think of the ones am mentioning apart from the ushall things that i have read but none of tht helps. If you had no choice and had to use one of the Lights i have mentioned what would it be the kingbo 300w , viparspectra 450w or the x5 cob1500w sunshine. ?? This is the task i have and still am trying to sort out by tomz but i cant figure out which is the better light. ?? If anyone can help please do.


:thinking::thinking: not 100% sure but cobs are boss. I vote sunshine


Thanks i keep leaning towards it but also like the look of the other 2aswell. But its looking more like the x5 not because its a 1500w cob its because of the white light. And the good thing for saving money on electricity and it only uses approximately 250 actual watts. Which is due to the way a cob system works but does tht also mean that the cob is strong like other 1500w led from mars or viparspectra or other brand names 1000w lights that has great results. I just cant find alot of information about the x5 but i have been able to find some reviews and all are positive but so are the reiews in reguards to The other brands of lights. I dont have long tho as i can order it and get it same day delivery on certain lights


Well my friends as i promised some new pics of whats going on first of all i have 5 taproots that are very healthy looking and got planted at the weekend.

Well thts all for now but still have to check thm today for life and a see whats happening if thy need wee drop water or whatever’s easiest.


I don’t know anything about lighting, really. Just enough to “sound” like I may know a little.

Compare actual watts from the wall. This is just a basic answer. With LEDs, there are better ways to determine which light is the most efficient.

If you want your mind blown, get with @dbrn32. He does real well with dumbing it down for me, but the info still turns my head to mush! He is my first goto when it comes to lighting.

Don’t ask for help lightly. He has serious information if you can wrap your head around it. My Sunshine is actual Sun, so I leave the lights to those that know.


No he helped me as i said on a supplier for my qb hlg 135w but it wont be ready in time and i must get a new light before these 2 explode or the partner smashes thm because thy r so noisey now. And i cant wait for the new lights parts as thy might take weeks maybe even months so i need one until in its place until its built. And as much as dbrn32 has helped me out with my light issue he still didnt answer my question because there isnt enough info on thm. But am starting to lean towards the x5 cob 1500w unless someone can change my mind. X5 has alot more benifits becuse the cob system quieter fan cause theres less lights. One thing i have found out is tht the light is ment to be more like a 1200w and not 1500w but the coverage is perfect for my little tent. The other lights though have veg and bloom switches tht and there is alot of talk and reviews on the viparspectra’s so its been hard is not the word. Cause i cant get my head round the par and ppf etc and there functions. Thn from wat i do know tht the lights i have picked are all very good value for money and other growers have had excellent results on there grows with them. Big yeilds tasty nugs so its a matter of figuring out which would be a useful addition to my equipment for future projects. Which i hope to have a bigger rooms by xmas or just after but we will need to see as something unexpected happened after i started my grow were i may need to move quickly so stealth will be involved with some big ass boxes to hide my babies in when and if that day comes before they are finished. I have also tried to compare the the actual watts aswell and x5 wins tht as its near 250w and the other 2 are around the same however its because of the results other growers have had tht makes choosing so difficult. So if anyone can help shed some light on which would be a better choice please do help.


Well think it will be the one tht arrives first lol @FloridaSon if you were to pick out a led light you would go by its actual watts would you not.?


And there was life so far 3 of 5 are here so fingers crossed the others will be out aswell.

arent thy just a pretty site and the 4th is showing through. But the S.A.D is the one i am hoping turns out more thn anything cause its my only seed of tht strain so i will be gutted if i dont have any of tht this time round can wait to try thm mmmmm 3months walk in the park. Haha if only.


@FloridaSon @Sasquatch @dbrn32 @PurpNGold74 @Shuggz @Countryboyjvd1971 @garrigan65 @Firstgo. Now my friends if yous had to and had no other choice which of the following would you go for vihimai x5 1500w or x6 1800w or hipargero 450w or Kingbo 300w
Some info to help your choice please pick one.

Vihimai 1500w x5 or 1800W X6

Kingbo 300w

I hope some one can point me in the right direction i so need to order my new light as i have life to lookafter now and the things i have will do just for now but surely someone can help me pick a light out of these ones above please. ANYONE.??? :sob: