Mixed Tent/Autoflower's with Photo's... How to recover from mixing up seeds?

Well, I think I have feminized photo seed(s) mixed with a couple of auto’s. Now, I only have a 4x4x60 tent and all three of them are going to grow out of the top of the tent (ok, so they can’t without hitting the light). This is my first grow and seems to be going ok, other than mixing seedlings accidentally. I have a 1k samsung light and had to turn it down to 50% to stop it from burning leaves. I have been on 18/6. If I go 12-12 will it make these ladies bloom?
Tent 5-31-21


Can you clarify something? What makes you think some of these are autoflowering and some are photoperiod? Are some of these plants growing compounded calyxes under 18/6?

The taller one on the back left (I should have rotated the pic is very light in color and grew really fast. It is just now filling in. I had some 24k gold leaf auto and 24k gold leaf fem, which I assume are not auto-flower. This is honestly my first time doing this and I do not know what to look for to know if they are getting ready to flower. The pic doesn’t show it but they are all 40 inches tall right now. It has been (should have kept a journal) at least 50 days for these three.

It’s totally okay. You’re doing fine. Well, except for mislabeling the plants.

So, either type of plant, photo or auto, will show sex once they’re sexually mature. All of your seeds are feminized I guess, so let’s assume any flowers you’re going to see will be female. You should start to see single calyxes form at the nodes (4 per node).

If a plant starts producing clusters of calyxes under 18/6 lighting, that’s an autoflowering plant. So about a week or two after you see sexual maturity, you’ll know your auto from your photo.

With the photoperiod plants, as long as they are in vegetative growth, you can still prune them for height. I wouldn’t recommend that with an autoflowering plant, but you can bend the stems gently to train them sideways. Just pinch the stem and roll it in your fingers like you’re pilling up a sticky gunk between your fingers. You can work a few spots up and down the stalk until you get a leaning plant.

Thank you so much for your response. I waited before I replied to see what happened. Well, I bought another grow tent that was 80" tall. One of them got too tall for the light in that tent so we moved the three outside. Now one of them is a foot from the eave of the house. The other two settled in at about 4 feet, though much ‘fatter’. From what I can tell they are all three females, but they have been growing since January and if they are in pre-flower I can’t tell. They are supposed to be 24K Gold Fem auto’s, but clearly they aren’t. Can anyone tell me how far into the growth phase they look like? I have a pic from May 31 and look at the difference now.

This is my first attempt at this, so I apologize for my ignorance.

@KeystoneCops Checking to see if you could have a look at my photographs.

What do you want to know?

I would like to see a closeup photo of some of the upper branches of all three plants. I can’t see flowers yet, but I’m going to guess they are showing sex. Just want to confirm.

Depending on what the next photos reveal, I’d consider moving all three plants to much larger containers. Think 100-200 gallon fabric planters. You could buy bagged soil, or get a delivery of a few yards of 50/50 soil/compost blend.

@Deez @KeystoneCops
Sending this to you guys because you helped me before. The monsters I have that had to be moved outside grew well, but erratic and are finally flowering. I wanted to let everyone know that I have only purchased seeds from ILGM @ILGM.Support and the results are amazing. Got Grand Daddy Purple Auto’s. Put 5 in to germ, 5 plants popped their heads out on June 11, went into the pots on June 16th and began flowering yesterday. They are all over 24" tall. My point here for anyone reading is seed quality is vastly different between suppliers. Stick with this group, flowers in basically 5 weeks and 2’ tall plants. Awesome. I will put some photo’s of the monster’s up later today. Grasshoppers found them… I will have to read up on what to use as a pesticide that is all natural during flower. All my stuff be organic simply because I used dirt and well or rain water to water them. No nutrients, no nuthin.

Check out Safers organic insecticidal soap or Captn Jack Dead Bug