Mixed age plants from veg to flower

I have 3 x 30cm strawberry amnesia plants and 3 x 5 cm moby dick plants in a 3m x 2.4m x 2m high grow room. They have all been under a 900w viparspectra reflector series led for 3 weeks now. I will move the 3 bigger plants to a 1200w led as they grow bigger. My question is,will the moby dicks catch up to the strawberry amnesia and fill up their half of the scrog on a 8-10 week extended veg 18/6 light cycle.

Keep feeding them and continue to push your streching plants back under the scrog for an even canopy. To answer your question, all plant strains grow differently. There is no guarantee that because all your seeds popped at the same time that they will grow at the same rate under the same conditions. The genetics of a plant determines how it grows in structure, and the growing conditions (lights,temps, nutrients, etc.) will play the rest of the factors out. Remember that the key element in all of it is you! No 2 grows are the same and there are many variables to consider, pay close attention to them, pamper them. and don’t be scared to train them either! Marijuana is a resilient plant! Always an Opinion! Stay Green!

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Thanks man. They germinated 6 weeks apart is my problem . Growth difference is not strain but germinating time difference issue. (I took advice from sombody who knows what they talking about but hasn’t a clue on reality)
As a beginner learner im paying school fees as i plod on and change or adjust as i become more informed. Joined forum to learn more.
The seedlings are 5cm and the 6week older plants are 30cm. They are still 30cm away from the scrog net and the seedlings are 55cm away.
So i will be tucking the first three much earlier than the younger 3. Can i just leave leave them on an extented 18/6 veg cycle. Genetically the younger three i have grow into bigger bushes than the initial three. So im hoping they catch up. Basically the first three will be vegged for 6 weeks longer than the other 3.
Can i do this as i cant split them and veg 3 while flowering the other 3 ??