Mix packs selection

Which mix pack of seeds should I buy next? I cannot make a final decision they all look so good

Any suggestions?

KO Heavy Hitters. I love Blue Dream and want to take a shot at Gorilla Glue and MK Ultra. That will be my next purchase if I go for a mix pack.

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Thought about that one too only thing I saw wrong with it was the low yield of the mk ultra

I clone the crap out of my plants so yield not a bigger deal to me per plant.
I also do Hydro. Last grow was 14 oz of premium bud per plant! (I don’t weigh anything other and top quality. I do keep some trim for edibles my friends like to have).

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I bought the KO heavy hitters mix pack as well, going to plant the Gorilla Glue seeds this weekend, will clone each of the 5 (assuming all 5 seeds germinate) and keep the best as a mother if I deem any of them worthy of keeping, will do the same for Blue Dream and MK Ultra. I don’t mind a lower yield if the smoke is worth it, and sometime it is.

Nice. How big is your grow area? I’ve got 5 plants scrogged in a 4x4 tent 5 weeks into flower right now but it’s my first grow and have no idea how much I will end up with. Hoping for double digit oz

And ya I’m probably dumb for thinking the low yield is a reason not to buy. I prob woont end up with that much on a plant anyway because I plan on growing 4 in a 4x4 next grow

I really bought the KO mix pack for the Gorilla Glue and Blue Dream, I love both those strains. The MK Ultra was just a bonus and I’ve grown G13 (MK Ultra’s daddy) before and it was really good.

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I have 4 stations in a 8x4 tent for hydro with a couple of 320watt HLG lights lighting an area about 2x3 per plant. (Two 3x4 nets in the tent).
I use a 4x4 for pro-mix HP CC smart pot plants. I don’t do as well there because this is where old mothers or left over clones go to flower under a HydroPlanet 8 bulb T5 lamp. It does surprisingly well. I manage 4-6 oz high quality in the 4x4 with less than perfect lighting.
4 plants in a 4x4 is perfect. Do yourself a favor and put a Tee on the end of a lenght of 1/2" pvc with a funnel on the other end. Saves your back when it is time to water.

Awesome. I just got the hlg 550 v2 Rspec When I switched these to flower and I love it.

That’s what I have going on


They are ALL great :sunglasses::sunglasses: