Mix Pack suggestion

Can we please get a pick your own mix pack? Let us choose the 3 strains we would like to bundle.
It would be killer to be able to chose, even if it was pick one from three columns.


That would be nice. What would you pick?


I think I would make two sets, one for mental state and the other medical. I am thinking Chocolope, Bubble Gum, and Maui Wowie for one set. Have to give the medical side some more thought.


I would buy sooner, rather then later if i could choose like that. :smiley:


@ILGM.Stacy is this a possibility? I would much rather pick my 3 strains for the pack than be stuck with one I don’t really want to get the two strains I do.

For me it is usually one out of three hence my suggestion!

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Same, great idea, hope they can make it happen!

I love this. I am only on my first grow and don’t want 10-20 seeds of something I might not like. Being able to get a good price on 3-5packs would be AWESOME

With an easy spreadsheet based on regular seed cost, the columns idea @boomer suggested could seem to work. Although each column wouldn’t be equal in length,or need to be for that matter , ILGM could make it work in their favor not to lose $$. After all, we’re not asking for “per seed service” simply 3X5 the way you would pick a regular mix pack seed order.

We understand the added task, but even with recent changes with the added mix pack options, now shirts, it would SEEM TO only be a software add on to process the order in such a fashion But that logic only applies to us, the people who actually order.
Let’s wait to hear from the people who actually TAKE the orders. It may just be more difficult than that. Great suggestion @boomer, I know I would love to order in that fashion.

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Glad this is supported. I picked one strain for my first order, but went with a mix set for my second. I really only wanted 1 of the 3 but thought the other two could possibly be useful, from a medical standpoint. But I wish I could choose my own! With my luck I’ll get stuck with one or two I don’t like.