Mix bag of seeds

I ordered Northern Light seeds. My first batch came out real good. The thing is out of the three I got to grow; they do not look like the same strain and the high is different. I do not mind the different strains but just let me know what they are.


Was it from ILGM? If so, here is their contact info:


Same strains can look different and mature at different rates. Other than that :thinking:


I’ve been growing for a few years now and have come to realize that a bag is seeds is just like a litter of pups. No two are going to be exactly the same. One will grow a little faster and one a little slower. One will grow a little taller and one will be a little shorter. In order to maintain consistency, cloning would be required.


If you paid good money, from a reputable breeder with a proven track record of solid genetics, then I’d contact them. Different phenos aren’t uncommon, but it won’t ever to hurt to contact CS.


Grew two Northern Lights outdoor this year from seed one had purple from day one other did not, both about the same height but one much wider, both Lst around the same, pulled the first yesterday the other around 2 weeks behind, both the earliest flowerers i had this year

I have been growing for 10 + years, Plants always had some difference in size and shape, but the high itself was about the same. The three NL I just finished are as different as night and day. All have a very good high, one couch lock, one stupid, one uplifting.


Be happy. Why would you want the same exact expression of a strain? I planted 4 strains two each.

Gfog-2 different pheno :sunglasses:
Gods gift-2 different pheno :sunglasses:
Blueberry-2 different pheno :sunglasses:
Blue gelato 41- both the same pheno should have grew just one :face_with_raised_eyebrow: