Mites or genetics or what?

I’m still leaning towards the light turned up too much. Try running it dim one day and see if the curling disappears.


I can try that but I think I’ll be down to like 150 watts with three feet canopy at least. Can they be that sensitive? I know these days everyone is sensitive. Lol


Looking at your pics and reading your stats, the first thing I’m seeing is your new growth is lighter green as it should be. The larger fan leaves are a possibly a little
to dark green. You are 4 weeks into veg using FF OF and your runoff numbers after feeding is up to 1300 ppm. You are not getting deficiencies just a little leaf droop. As long as your watering schedule is on track, I believe you may not need to be feeding just yet. Your runoff ph is high enough, so ph shouldn’t be a issue. I don’t see anything that would lead me to believe that you have a infestation of bugs. You may need to flush with sledgehammer if you have been feeding FF nutrients, but I believe you should wait on that. Personally I would continue watering with cal-mag and silica and hold off on nutrients until you start seeing ppm’s drop some. As far as lights, at 30" I don’t believe that is your issue. So as long as you aren’t seeing deficiencies and your new growth looks healthy, try watering without nutrients, take runoff readings and wait on the nutrients until those ppm’s drops down to 900’s. There’s one caveat, I could be wrong my opinion is based solely on my limited experience with FF soil and nutrients. But I’m fairly confident that it won’t hurt to go for a couple waterings without nutrients.


Thanks @Bulldognuts et al. I wish I had documented my first run to see if this curling happened at all. I know I was hot in that run but things still turned out OK. The new growth is green but just seems lanky looking, again might be normal I just don’t recall.

Ill try a few waters with no nutes and monitor runoff. Gonna leave the lights as they are at 250, otherwise I am down to 150 and that just seems way too low but what the hell do I know. That being said if they continue to curl I guess that’s the next thing.

Proper order is Silica then calmag, then PH. Or when feeding, silica>nutes>calmag>ph. PPM might be too high so perhaps I do nutes and off cycle do the silica and calmag.

Will def grab some more pics today, water later, then post some more pics.


That’s the way that I have been told to do it. I believe most of your silica products will reccomend also. The state I live in doesn’t allow silica products to be shipped from other states :thinking: I believe it has something to do with labeling. When I decided to use silica I couldn’t get anyone to ship to me. My local hydro store couldn’t get any either. I finally found some on Amazon that would ship to my state. Oddly, it reccomended to add last :rofl:


I’ve had fungus gnats and it’s a Pia. I suggest yellow sticky traps If you don’t have them please get some. You won’t regret it. At least then you have an idea what bugs are around. Flying ones anyway. :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


That’s all I’ve used and your spot on Brother!! :wink::sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:

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Had a few in there and all they caught were like two each. So I’m hoping those are non starters.

Things look ok just ph water tomorrow and will keep posted.

Thx all


Hey everyone, happy Memorial Day. Thank you to those who do/have serve our country in our armed forces. Its greatly appreciated by myself and our family.

Update on this. I was gone for 2 days, came home they were fine just needed a drink. So I gave them a good slow soak, enough to get good runoff. Maybe too much. Oh, just doing PHed water with silica and calmag, the past two waterings. I do think its time for nutes and ppm were down around 1k.

However, when I looked at them a couple hours later, they had that droopy look again to them. What has happened before was I would water, crank the light, then figure oh they don’t like the intensity. Well yesterday I didn’t touch the light initially, and 2 hours later they drooped. So it looks like ‘overwatering’. But I took that to mean frequency, not volume. So while I don’t think I am watering too often (good ole pick up the pot method), perhaps they are getting drowned since they are in plastic pots (last run was fabric)?

So at that point, I said F it and cranked the light up a notch too 350ish. Figured its the water not the light. Sure enough, this morning things were seeming better after they had 6 off.

Its crowded and I have some canopy issues but spare me on that LOL. Is this possible that they will just look like sh!t after every water? Maybe root bound as well? As you can see I don’t have space to repot. I could cull some but man you know the feeling. Im not worried about bugs anymore at this point, classic over-reaction on my part.

Just looking for any thoughts here. Could adjusting VPD help to allow faster uptake/transpiration? Just a thought, I don’t know leaf temp but my tent is showing 73-75 and I have the fan kick at 60RH. That looks to be in good range for VPD regardless of leaf temp (I think).

Today I get to put the UVA supplements onto the 650. Flowering this week I am excited to see what these new strains looks like. Enjoy the day.

@Covertgrower @Mark0427 @Dman1969 @BStarr @Bulldognuts @Mefis


ololoh man new lights are always exciting fo put up. Pics when done. We all love looking at lights and plants. I have 1 far red bulb and 1 uva bar in my spare bathroom for autos and 3 uva bars in the photo room with the scorp diablo and the 260xl. U ever take the uva bar and plug it in in the dark and walk around the house with it. It will show u where every dirt stain mark gouge crack thats dirty. Them loghts are something else. O had a black shit on. Reg loght it looked brand new cuz it was. I turned the light on and it looked like i walked thru a pollen factory. Had specs lit up white everywhere and it was brand new. On the other hand brand new nikes lookkick ass under the uv loghts the way they glow lmao. My kids love when it gets darker out cuz the leave their shoes by the grow room door and it lights up their shoes and makes them glow


Brother if your in plastic buckets 🪣 you need to have holes drilled up the sides too. I didn’t see any.

I only grow in fabric pots now but I got really good results in the buckets too. Roots need oxygen just like us. :wink: your grow is looking awesome. Keep on keeping on! :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


Thx brother. You’re right no holes.

What bit size? I guess no risk doing it now I may hit some roots but figure the additional breathing will benefit more?


I used 1/8 in and drilled the hell out of it. Imo you won’t hurt anything just don’t bottom out the bit. :wink::sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:

I zig zagged along the bottom half. Hope that helps things out. I’ll post in a day or two when time for the flip :love_you_gesture:

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Trust me they will breathe a lot better. And you don’t have to worry about root rot. :wink::sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:

@Watt-Sun per the other thread :slight_smile:

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@Dman1969 @Covertgrower @Mark0427 Im still chasing the droopy plant issue, drilled some holes and introduced more airflow.

Checking in on them, I did see a couple small insects. They were visible to the eye, white in color, but were on the bottom of the plastic pot. Ill try to get a pic. Same plant also has some odd growth on the stem, there is something called barnacles but who knows what is going on.

I did find one leaf with a small hole/tear. Didn’t see anything under the scope but did notice a speck with naked eye. Here is what it is under micrcoscope. No idea if this is a bug or dirt that resembles. Its not well formed if it is a bug (not symmetric).

Mo plants mo problems it seems this run :frowning:

@Myfriendis410 @imSICKkid pulling in some
More eyes. What the heck could this be? Just on sporadic leafs. Just scoped and not seeing any critters or anything.

In the pic from the microscope, are the little dots early tri? They aren’t moving so either that or larvae yikes!

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I would say that’s more of a magnesium/calcium issue. Or it could be your ph out of range.


I’m with SickKid but would like to see an overall shot of plant.