Mites or genetics or what?

Good morning all. Tagging some folks that helped me before, but all are free to help me! @Bulldognuts @Fano_man2 @Myfriendis410 @Covertgrower @merlin44

Im about 4 weeks into veg. This has been a tough one, I feel like constantly chasing problems (or perhaps making up problems in my head. Mainly, its dropping in the plant with small leaves forming on new growth. Then you also have some funky leaf formation on some plants (see second pic). I have since defoliated, and once again they look like crap. Sometimes I think its light intensity, which I quickly scale back, or under watering, over feeding, and now possibly board mites.

4x8 tent
75/70 degrees, RH around 60.
FFOF soil and trio. Calmag frequently, silica every other feeding.
Mix of strains mostly indica leaning.
Last water was 800ppm/6.5ph. Runoffs were around 6.2-6.4 with 1100-1300ppm. So I maybe hitting them early with notes, I am now just watering and might do a sledghammer flush today.
NO co2

Originally had too much wind, so thought it was wind burn. But you still see it on newer growth.

Board mites I found start with curling leaves, then get progressively worse. I don’t see much leaf damage at all, other than some discoloration which is probably due to messy watering. As a precaution, I pulled some sample leafs and put them under a microscope, I didn’t see anything at least that appeared to have the slightest movement.

I haven no idea what to do, I don’t want to start bombing the tent or other measures until I confirm its mites. But what else is it, could it just be classic over feeding at this point? Ill snag another picture pre water then another a few hours later. I don’t think its overwatering as the stems will also droop when they look thirsty, I understand that overwatering will show leaf droop but stems still sturdy. So its wind, genetics, nutes, or bugs. Never easy…


@stltimmy1979 hy man I don’t sure can be light stressing how far are you ligth?
Maybe they have better advise @GulfCoastGurilla @Budz @BobbyDigital

Quick pics this morning, they also could be needing to be transplanted but I don’t have the room, was gonna start flowering but need to figure this out.

Here is the same shot as above today, they are getting thirsty and still a bit shocked from defoliation couple days ago.

And here is another leaf shot, this one is missing half the leaf but its not chewed, perhaps this strain just has funky leaf formation?

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In other case they look healthy just stressing from my opinion

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HLG 650s so really intense, but they are at least 30" away from canopy. They looked good at ~250 watt setting, so after a drink I bumped it up to 350. They didn’t like that, so back to 250 and that’s how they look this morning. Its not the temp when I increase as I am keeping it under 80 in there, that should be fine.

Last run I was at 450 watts before flowering, I have no idea what the hell is going on.

@stltimmy1979 do you give rest hours?

Looks maybe a slight nitro tox. Maybe @BobbyDigital @CMichGrower @MidwestGuy @Hellraiser maybe can pin point it better

Yeah sorry, they have 18/6. Ill confirm the timer is working, I know it shuts off at 10pm, I’m not up at 4 usually :slight_smile:


I def overdid the N last run. Given that I have ppm on some plants of 1300, could def be the issue that I am starting too early.

But the leaf curl searches I have done led me to mites, I just don’t see them but they apparently are hard to detect.

One thing I have learned is to stop, assess, look for help, before making rash decisions like culling everything LOL.

Thanks all for jumping in lets see…

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More light more food i know that mich cranking up leds causes the plants to feed more also. Counkd be a roxicity could just be hungry for more food and water. I am not good at picking a deficiency yet still crawling in that department

I don’t not for sure I’m rookie to but if you are in flowering stage you ligth need to be 18" from you main cola

Any chewed on leaves or webb lookong stuff on plant. Nothing crawling on soil or anything u can see with a magnifying glass.

Not flowering, HLG recommends 30" in flower due to intensity. They aren’t stretching, not these ones in question they are very tight.

@Mark0427 there is the rub on lighting, in order to increase I need to feed more but they look like too much too soon.

Maybe a week of just water and a little calmag and see?


There were a couple leafs deformed that looked torn, no way little mites could do this. Im talking half the leaf.

Did see one or two gnats, but I mean very sparse and this was weeks ago. Im talking 1 flying around, I remember big infestations where you enter the room and they are everywhere. Used scope last night to look at underside of suspect leaves, nothing there I could detect.

But I have read the fungus gnat larvae can get into the soil and eat away at the roots.

I thought this was a weed right, just add water and voila? :). LOL


Let let a more experienced person get at ya before u make a dradtic change. Water alone wont hurt u a time or 2. @Dman1969 @BStarr anyone of u can guess this test here


Gnats will multiply super super fast and alot of times u dont see them.

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Growing good pot is like raisong kids all over again


I agree with above statement of Nitrogen Tox. What’s your feeding regime?

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On feed I am at 50% of the FF recommendation, so I think its 3tsp per gal of big bloom, and 1.5 tsp of grow big per gal.

Calmag 1tsp per gallon, same for silica.

Then off
Cycle just ph water

Typically try to get PPM around 8-900. But runoff was 1300 so I am early. But not too bad…

Calmag has been almost every watering, silica here and there as I haven’t used before (this doesn’t appear to be doing any of this damage).

There were some other strains showing signs of needing N, so they all got it.

Right… Very strange then :thinking:

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