Mites on my gal how do i get rid of em


I have few gals growing ATM doing realy good too but noticed leaves :leaves: are going yellow and getting spots on them so i looked under the leaves sure enough mites not to manny so how do i get rid of em please help me


Heres some pics too


I’ve heard you can spray your okay y the neem oil, as long as it’s not flowering.
You can also dust the plant and surround with food grade diatomaceous earth. Be careful song this as it is not good to inhale or get on your skin.


From my run ins with the nasty little buggers i used neem oil but like North_East_Newbie said that was in veg state. Im sure someone with more experience will chime in.


Ok cheers yes there in veg no were nere flowing yet! So we’re do i get this neem oil



Thanks buddy


Neem can also be purchased at many nurseries and box stores that have garden centers. Some of it is in concentrate and some is ready to spray. You will need to spray the soil as well and the underside of the leaves especially.

If you need something to use in flowering check out what Safer (brand name) sells. They have all sorts of organic sprays that can be used right up to harvest. @Caosred


That’s so much i got the neem oil gave em spay but still got mites?? Dose it take awhile to work???


This is the oil i got!! I mix 10ml to 5lt of water :sweat_drops: it says just spay on and under foliage until run off every 7days! Dose that sound right? And should i spray soil too?? One more thing the mites are only on one plant :seedling: should i spay the others to prevent them from jumping ship :ship:??


I would spray all your plants as it’s more of a preventative from future eggs…pretty sure :slight_smile: And don’t need to spray the soil as they like the leaves


Ok cheers but don’t mites come from the soil??


Hay I’ve sprayed my gals but still mites its there 2nd spray in two weeks with neem oil thay are sucking the life out of my girl’s leaves :leaves:


Here’s a recipe from @garrigan65 get three strong cigarettes soak in water overnight boil 2-3 minutes adding the hottest hot sauce you can find let it cool to room temperature spray your plants 3-4 times a week. You can add dish soap if you want. Be sure to strain well so sprayer doesn’t clog. Cover your eyes nose mouth and hands.

I don’t know how to do the quote thing so I hope @garrigan65 chimes in. Sorry can’t be of more help. Good luck


They reproduce at a very quick rate. The most effective method is a bowl of apple cider vinegar to catch the flying ones, along with sticky traps and then neem oil sprayed per the directions on the label. I want to say mine said every two to three days as needed, A week in between treatments is probably too long @Caosred


Ok :ok_hand: mate yes im going to spray every 4 days and I’m on 2nd spray now and did soil to there slowly disappearing thanks man


yep its a process! @Caosred very good!