Mites in my tent - how to cleanse before next grow?

My “rescue” White-Widow, almost ready for harvest, with mostly buds and hardly any leaves, has spider mites. I am OK with that, and can deal with cleaning the plant at harvest time, but what do you all recommend for me to do in order to cleanse the tent before I put my Maui-Wowie seedlings in there next week?

Bug Bomb? Bleach spray?

Thanks in advance,


Hydrogen peroxide, iso alcohol, will kill most everything. Be sure to toss the old soil, and don’t have it near the grow space. You should be good to go.
Also would keep a bottle of Captain Jacks deadbug around for future use, just in case.


My plan for cleaning the plant itself is to dunk it in a 5-gallon bucket with a cup of hydrogen-peroxide (a tip I saw on this forum) then rinsing with clear water before hanging to dry.

Would you suggest I spray the entire inside of the tent, using a garden sprayer?

My new soil will be Fox-Farms Ocean-Forest from a brand-new, un-opened bag.

Thanks again!

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They are in the tent, around the tent, above the tent and under the tent so I would spray it good and bug bomb the room for 100% removal. Good luck

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