Mites and the aftermath


Another reason to go hydro, much less chance of pests, infections, but rot, deficiencies.

As soon as I’m able to indoor hydro I’m diving in :droplet:


Just ran across this post had been dealing mites also killed my last srocg but been successful with this grow had little sign of mites all most lost it not again had got rid of cat bombed and bleached etc guy at shop suggested greencleaner no chemicals used nuke em killed my scrog this stuff really works didn’t kill any plants late in flower



@Fever there you go buddy this was my thread


@Donaldj I think I need a magnifying glass before I say for sure given your picture but if so I’ll definitely use that product thank you!


What’s up with the vasiline on the trunks? Im thinking it’s to keep the buggers from traveling up or down the main stalk.Do you also us Diatomaceous Earth on your substrate?