Mite eggs? Help!

@Covertgrower @Arrow @Nicky @BobbyDigital @dbrn32 @Eagles009 I just took my little cheap Carson Microbrite Plus and looked at a couple leaves out of curiosity and noticed a clump of yellow spherical objects on the underside of one of the leaves. Any idea what they are? I thought they could be mite eggs. The magnification is 120x. Also…I sprayed my plant with Monterey BT this morning and there is a whitish residue left on the leaves that resembles PM. Has anyone used bacillus thurigiensis to control caterpillars? And are your results similar? Thanks everyone

Not sure what mite eggs look like, but any eggs aren’t good.


Very possibly mite eggs. Like Covert said, no eggs are good.

Not familiar with what you used, but that’s a lot of residue be leaving on a plant in flower.

Hose her down with some Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew before lights out.

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How did you spill caviar under the leaves? Taste it if it’s bitter they are mite eggs… totally kidding man they aren’t bitter. LoL if they are mite eggs I’d imagine you’d see some mites on her though. Can’t stress enough a very very thorough investigation to rule out aphids. Small chance they are just beetle or :lady_beetle:

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Slightly yellowish. I believe spider mite eggs or cyclimin mites. I’m not sure if cyclimin ate the same as broad mites or not. The broad mites i saw have clear oblong eggs with white spots tese dreaded russet mites have clear to opaque round eggs. Been growing for 13 months. Feel like I’m becoming an exterminator.


I know what you mean… I hate playing exterminator it’s especially bad in the tropics with our humidity. Bugs love it along with mold, double whammy. No jewelers loupe or magnifying glass? How many affected?


I’m not familiar with the product you used and don’t know anything about controlling caterpillars.
To be honest I’m out of my element on this one and I would be doing nothing more than running to Google.
Please keep me informed though I would like to know what you learn.

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That was 120x with a Micro Brite scope

The residue turned out to be just the bacillus thurigiensis spores (btk). And I would like to have the real BTK miniaturized so I could set him loose on these damn worms. Haven’t seen any more though. The product I used was Monterey BT. It’s a bacteria that messes their gut up and they can’t and won’t eat any more. It is 100% organic, safe for humans, and can be used til chop day.


Make sure you do a bud wash on harvest