Mitchy's first real grow 4 strains plus

@Myfriendis410 I am going to try my luck with co2 this time and need solid advice
I have 3-400watt l.e.d. lights
Using r.o.water, no nutes yet
Won’t be using co2 until flowering, but I have to get a split first anyway.
I have a 20lb tank
Regulator & controller
I’ve been reading on co2 and I’m worried a little, but I’ve already invested $400+ so there’s no turning back now.

Do you plan on going hydro? At least run coco: soil is not usually used.

How large is the space and is it a tent or ‘room’?

My understanding is CO2 is mainly used in veg.

Have you figured out the DLI of your lights? You’ll want at least 1,200 µmol.

Likely going to need to dehumidify the space as well.

I believe @peachfuzz has done CO2 and can provide better info.


My room is 10’x12’
I have dehumidifier, but my ac is a cheap window unit
Perfect for my room, but won’t work with Co2
My lights rock, plus I have 2 more 250 watt l.e.d. if 1200watts isn’t enough.
My plants are seedlings & sprouts right now
Reading other post’s on Co2 people say you don’t need it until your plants start depleting the rooms Co2 once they are big
I read, and read post that you and others have chimed in on
I get a lot of mixed reviews, but it’s not difficult to understand the process.
But the process itself has so many variations it does get confusing.
If Co2 doesn’t help much in a soil grow I’ve just waisted a lot of money

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Thank you for your help and input
Without you guys at ilgm I would be lost!

Here’s some more info

It’s more a matter of being able to push nutes hard: everything is going to run harder. Temps, humidity, light, nutes etc. Get some coco and Jack’s 3-2-1. Just pot up into that medium.

FYI you can use the @ sign and tag me.

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@Grandaddy013 @repins12 any pearls of wisdom for the OP?

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Big things happening tonight
Transplanting all ilgm seedlings into my big pots and putting them under my new lights

I’ve also decided to wait til my next run for the CO2
I want to do it with a different medium than soil, on good advice

Got it all my ilgm seedlings transplanted into the big pots, and separated my sprouts & seedlings.
All to do now is since up my lights and get busy.
Two closets and a room…this should be interesting


I don’t use CO2. Just didn’t see any advantages, using it, to justify the cost. Just my personal opinion :v:t4:


I usually only run co2 for 4 to 6 weeks depending on the strain…
I like to run 2 weeks in the last stage of vegg and 3 weeks in the beginning of flower …
Thats the best time to push co2…
After that i think it is useless…
:v:t4: :sunglasses:

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Thanks, I’m just going to go regular this run and hit the Co2 next run.
I just want to grow the best weed I can, because I love smoking killer weed.
I love growing, it’s the greatest hobby I could have ever dreamed of.
Most of all I want to thank you all !
I have already learned so much , and looking forward to all the lessons to come


No pearls my friend, never used Co2. As far as the cheap window ac, I replaced mine with a Mr. Cool mini split and couldn’t be happier. Keeps temps steady and drastically reduced my power bill. I also run a 6" exhaust fan. My thinking, if you have enough circulation, you’ll have enough Co2


We never stop learning in this great journey

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Here’s an update
Moving plants around

And here is my little guardian

Ok, had a stoner moment

Looks a little better

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Here’s my set up now
Moved 3 plants into closet. Going to do something new with them.
Femmed and trained 4 of my ilgm plants (put three in closet to use different techniques and nutes for a comparison)

Here are the rest of my girls
Need to transplant but Amazon is already a day late and the fourth is Monday so I’ll have to figure something out.
I still have 1½ bags of ocean Forrest, just got to decide which plants to move

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