Misting plants while in flower stage

Is it ok to mist plants

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Hello @Kwantj I am going to say No!! The water on the leafs under grow lights could cause burning and moisture on the buds could cause mold.

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We literally were just having this discussion… im going to agree with @Flitme and say no.

With the a few caveats:

What are you spraying?

How far into flower?

Indoors or outdoors?

Is there a reason you are spraying in flower?


I would not spray with anything unless you have a bug problem then I would not spray with just anything

If you mean mist with water, there is no need to do this and is like rsvp for mold and mildew

Please dont


I mist my plants twice a day. I occasionally foliar feed.


As you may gather, it is not recommended for the novice while some growers with advanced knowledge and experience, like @oldmarine , get good results and have little to no negative effects.
Past experimentation and imagination has given us the outstanding product we take for granted today.


The weather just got much colder and the air far drier recently.
With very low RH misting with distilled water is indicated, IMHO.
In the middle of the summer with temps 80+ and RH 80+%, misting is no good.
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For indoor growing, my rule of thumb is once the pistils have become prominent (usually 3 weeks into flower) no more misting. I may bend that rule a bit, but the risk, in my experience, is not worth the possible rewards. Misting the grow area to increase RH is perfectly fine, provided that your space will allow it, (though it is only a quick fix).