Missouri Legalizes Medical Marijuana


@Spiney_norman. That’s pretty horrific that in this day and age that this could happen like this. It truly is sad to see the callous way in which this took place.
Peace brother. :v:


Apparently major backlash over this search by police.
Will it change anything? Can only hope


Rules regarding Doctor Certification has posted. As well as several other rules.
Check DHSS website for more. https://health.mo.gov/safety/medical-marijuana/draft-rules.php
Good news is it looks like they do not have to actually recommend cannabis, but need only confirm a qualifying condition.


I have not watched this entire program yet , but it seem to be a very professional presentation for chronic pain sufferers. Its quite long , but if you can get your doctor to look at it they might learn something.
Presented by the University of Washington State. Intended to educate Physicians.