Missouri Legalizes Medical Marijuana


So true…


Looking forward to starting a grow also. I’m in Missouri also and nothing clear about time schedule in leagle grow. Only thing I have heard is only indoors grow and 3 mature plants. I’m retired and ready to help relieve the pain that I’ve had for years. 17 years going to pain management DR. Getting off of the opiates will be challenging.


My Dr said he is Fed funded and will not issue request for med card or see patients using the medicine we voted for.


Well tell him to stop poisoning you with that opioid shit


He had me on oxycodone, oxiconton and hydrocodone. I quit the first to and he wanted to put me back on them. I’m puffin to get by and he piss test me every 3 months. Found the and said he had to report to the feds that I was dirty. Tested me again in a month and told me to be clean or he would stop seeing me. Staying in Vicodin and a puff till it’s time to pass a test again. Can clean up in a month. What a rollercoaster. Without the puff I’m in pain. Dr said I need the meds he prescribed. Screwed till leagel.


Ain’t that the truth


Getting off the opioids is the goal for us as well.


Looking to get my card or try to in the next few weeks any helpful suggestions?


Missouri cannabis card? Idk if they are available yet. Ill give it a google


Ok got it i think. Check out modispensaries . They say if u fill out info a dr office will call you


Nothing is legally available yet in Missouri.
Wont even have applications till June 4th.



@Spiney_norman. Interesting read.
Almost seems like a chance for the gov to make some extra cash off people in need or trying to help those in need.
They appear pretty restrictive on their qualifications requirements.
Hopefully things progress smoothly for u and ur missus. Best wishes and stay strong my friend. Peace. :v:


I heard that Mo has already made over 2mil in pre app fees alone. They will make their money for sure. But I’ll gladly pay my $100 in July for growing. If you go that site above you can sign up and give basic info and they try to put you in contact with a Dr… I have qualified med diagnosis so def trying to stay on top of what’s happening. But like so much that the govt is involved in there are going to be many hoops to jump through I’m sure. Hope you get your wife the meds she needs @Spiney_norman.


Thanks for the thoughts. My wife has been on multiple pain meds for a decade at least. Qualifying for it is not so much a concern as whether or not her doctor will be agreeable. We are in one of the larger health care networks and they are unlikely to come on board as fast as independent doctors. If the form simply allows the doctor to confirm the qualifying condition I think more doctors would be inclined to sign it. But if the form requires the doctor to “RECOMMEND” marijuana then the bigger medical centers will opt out I’m sure. If Missouri is smart they will consider this as they will only be shooting themselves in the foot by being uber restrictive. Less product sold is less tax dollars. They ultimately need consumers to make this work. Im as concerned as anyone for keeping it out of reach of minors, but lets face it, its out there already.


Patient / Caregiver rules…First draft
They are being reasonable with home grow plant numbers…6 flower plus 6 preflower 12 total.
I can make that work.


100% agreed. 6 flowering plants is enough in my opinion. I hope so I like that Ok put an amendment allowing neighboring legal states to use theirs. I’m hoping this will push them to not drag their feet.


Brought up cannabis with our doctor this week. It was a guarded conversation. Being part of a large medical network I did not expect a warm response. We heard some typical doctor phrases…Untested…Gateway…Unknown Doses…No Studies…
However we had in hand a positive article about Medical Marijuana and Opioid use that showed how it lowered opioid dependence. It was from their own organizations website.
Here it is…
The doctor took it to read later. Hope it opens the door a little.


Don’t expect much. If it was their idea then they would be behind it but MDs has such robust egos they usually do not tolerate well anything about health coming frofrom anyone other than someone in their club. They hate it when patients bring in info for them to learn… you see they know they dont know sh*t, but they dont want anyone else to know they dont know LMAO and it causes cognitive dissonance for them since they worked so long and hard to learn so much useless info that turns out to be wrong only a few years after they learn it. So they are naturally defensive about their knowledge and ignorance.

What they really need is to get over themselves with a bowl, joint, vape, dab, or edible. Proof is in the pudding so to speak.

I was just talking to an MD friend of mine the other day who admitted he loves the “taste” of cannabis but believes it has 0% medical/health benefit… it’s like he didnt learn how to read scientific journals in medical school.

Truthfully he may have failed that part of med school and still graduated lol smh


@basementstealth. First thing my doc did when I brought it up was bring up all the neg points as well. That’s when I started in earnest trying to find my own way. :wink:.
Peace all. :grin::v:



What we have to deal with here in the Ozarks