Missouri Legalizes Medical Marijuana


Don’t forget you also give up your gun rights once you get that permit


Now that part is just plain wrong.
All of this is for my wife’s needs. She will hold the permits to use and grow. No firearms are in her name at all.
Im not saying I like this arrangement…I do not. But being legal is a necessity for us.
Even after all this she may not benefit from using weed and we will move on and keep trying to find her some relief. I quit smoking in 1981 or so. She takes a lot…and I mean a whole lot of pain meds. Rarely sleeps thru the night. Has had surgery for nerve compression and still suffers. I have no false hope that weed will cure or even remove all the pain. I am only hoping it might give some relief, perhaps enough for her to enjoy doing a few things from time to time.


Wondering if you have checked out CBD’s yet?


We’ll i didn’t believe in this at first but they gave my mom 9 months in February to live because of liver cancer and said it was going to get really bad at the end but the Rick Simpson oil i made stopped the cancer from growing and started shrinking it took 5 months worth of 2 gram doses twice a day and ku was able to zap it in July and now she is cancer free. I’m a frim believer that big pharmaceutical is only interested in customers and not a cure. The same people who make the pain pills also make the detox pills for it to. It’s really sad that corporate America just gets worse and worse and gets away with everything with no repercussions at all. I hope you get your permit and cut out all your wife’s pain meds. I just hope they don’t mess with the Dr for writing the script because alot are already saying it’s to much trouble to deal with according to the Kansas city star.


Thanks for the nice thoughts. Cbd oil will be the first step we try. Til now you had to have epilepsy to get any, legally that is.
My long term plan is to grow a few different types and see which ones might be helpful. Probably try white widow first. Will grow and harvest at three different stages. Milky, mixed and mostly amber trichs. See which has any beneficial effects.
Since there is such a uproar over opioids right now we dont know if she will be able to continue to be prescribed them in the long term. So MMJ might be her safety net.


White widow and critical mass at about 50% gold trichomes seem to work out the best for my mom she got scanned every 3 weeks saw a big difference in the size of the spots on her liver with the gold trichomes


Really good pain strain is night nurse, my wife has lupis an fibromyalgia an she says it helps with pain alot an when she smokes that she sleeps all night hard as a rock


I have not found that one yet in my research. It looks perfect.
I dont see seeds on ILGM. I did see a review of the strain tho.
Anything unusual about the grow? It recommended outdoor.
My wife has fibromyalgia as well. Plus other pain /sleep issues.


It’s good in or outdoor, recommended indoors i believe an it’s relatively easy to work with sadly it’s not an ilgm strain got it through ams (not recommending to not use ilgm or trying to promote another site just giving general knowledge)


Encouraging news as the Missouri Dept of Health Services has done step # one ahead of schedule. Hopefully they will keep moving forward and get this all running sooner than the bill stipulates.


I hope everything goes well for you folks in need in Missouri. Your northern neighbors are thinking of you. :v:


I have seen a couple articles showing a few Missouri doctors willing to accept cannabis as a treatment. No doubt it will be independent offices first. Once others see how much business they are losing they will begin to change.
It always comes down to money. Once the benefit outshines the risk it will change.


Since we’ve gone legal for rec it makes it a lot easier for us to grow for meds.
It’s only 4 /household but it helps.
I have chronic joint pain due to 35 years as an auto technician in less than pristine conditions. I still don’t really want the gov having tabs on me. So this makes it much easier for me to grow without fear of being busted.
They have gov run dispensaries but there was just an article on the local news that said gov is tracking any cc or debit card purchases. And gathering info on purchasers.
Big brother is still watching I guess. :angry:
Freedom but …


That would be a better situation for sure. If my wife could travel we could go to a legal state and try out some strains to even see if she benefited. That might be what we have to do somehow. Travel is difficult as sitting long periods makes the pain worse…almost unbearable at times.


I feel for you and your situation. It must be terribly difficult to deal with.
We still don’t have access to seeds or clones from our outlets but that is supposed to be coming. Legal only happened on 17 oct. and supply has been limited. I did try one purchase but I can grow better at home. :roll_eyes:
It all takes time unfortunately.


:musical_score: :notes: Tom Petty - Waiting(Is The Hardest Part) LOL


Kool tune. Glad to see u still got a sense of humour. :grin:


An interesting turn on events for the midwest.
Oklahoma included a provision to accept out of state medical patients by issuing a 30 day temporary card so visitors may obtain meds. Arkansas is dragging their feet getting their system up and running…or was I should say. People are going to Oklahoma to buy and they figured out its costing them money. Hopefully this will spur Missouri along as well.
Here is a link to the story…If not allowed I will gladly remove.


Another follow up story


Interesting reads. Damn it takes a lot of time to get things done. At least it gives some hope to those in need. Still following along @Spiney_norman. Chin up. :grin:
Peace my man. :v: