Missouri Legalizes Medical Marijuana

I think so. I have looked at my trichomes ten times today. I have said ok. chop on monday, then said I don’t know maybe longer several times. will see how they look in the morning.


I have a 4x3 tent but only grew in the 3x3 area until this last grow.
I always start the next batch a month before I harvest so im not waiting too long.
I make edibles for the wife and use 1/2 ounce a week
SO far i have kept up with demand…Lol

Yes, this forum is a great source of information. I started without cannabis specific knowledge. Grew other stuff like tomatoes before but nothing in a tent inside. As I learned I would come on the forum and answer the easy questions for others in order to retain the knowledge I was gaining. SO even tho I have not faced lots of issues I usually know how to diagnose problems now. I got corrected a few times along the way, but thats how ya learn.

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I do that too.

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I have an issue. My parole officer said im still fucked c and to bad with our without my card I can’t use it have it, nor grow it. It’ll be a violation and he’s sending me back. But he said it’s still federally illegal so therefore to bad. I wasn’t given the card I obtained it … uh but its from a medical licensed professional as stated on the drugs consumption part it needs to be prescribed. He v said I got a certificate no RX. But RX is only a Tracking system for the dea for pills. Im currently on methadone for opiate relapse prevention. Now I can’t go s day without it. The withdraws are horrible… Marijuana is the only thing that keeps me 100% clean happy and healthy. My outpatient therapist and consulars has seen tremendous progress with me consuming marijuana for medicinal purposes and it’s for hep c, depression, anxiety, c and opiate relapse prevention, substance abuse prevention. Somewhere in the article xiv says that they can prescribe medical marijuana as a substitute over a treatment that may be physically or psychologically addictive. Ive also sent the constitution to him and the cases in Missouri where probationer case of possession of 8 oz. With a card. And it was dropped and he was released. I also sent him the compassion use act. The Pennsylvania case where Supreme Court ruled in favor of the defendant. However, he said the pnps legal department says its illegal we obtained the card and it wasn’t given because it was actually needed… which it was for all of us. And it’s by va licensed medical professional. As stated in the rules and regulations of my parole. Drugs, must be prescribed by a licensed medical professional and property documentation must be provided. Which I sent it all over to him. And he still said if im not on parole then whatever but I can’t while I’m on parole because its federally illegal… also there’s ko RX. Methadone doesn’t have RX either. It’s administered under supervision…
. Which in the constitution it says that if it is required… but so long as we possess the marijuana medical card. We are to be safe guarded against any and all civil and Criminal Penalties or sanctions

Its all very complicated when issues like yours come up.
When dealing with a governmental agency they have to not violate federal laws.
Large medical organizations are in the same boat. Getting paid by Medicare obliges them to follow federal law and thus they will not authorize medical marijuana. I had to go to an independent doctor to be my approval. Assuming you are in Missouri the only thing I can suggest is finding a cannabis friendly lawyer. Im not sure a parolee can do that, but its all I can think of.

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I have my medical card already. Ive already been approved by the state for patients and cultivation, while being on parolee at the same time. Its used for treating my opiate dependence, for opiate relapse prevention, instead of having me on methadone which is horrible and absolutely killing me. The withdraws are terrible and unlike anything else I’ve dealt with. Its solely for the purpose of getting me off a medication that’s very addicting and completely affects my psychological and physical health.

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I don’t think the state digs into your history that much so they’ll approve your card just off the doctors recommendation not knowing if you’re on probation or not. Technically you have your medical marijuana card thru the state but your PO has the final decision in if you’re able to use marijuana or not even if you are already approved. Your best bet would be to talk with your PO and see if letter from a doctor recommending marijuana for medicine would help. Maybe even get the letter from your doctor first and get one to your PO and one to your judge. If that doesn’t help then maybe get a cannabis lawyer like @Spiney_norman said and see if they can fight it. Sucks how the system is setup. Fight for your right and be the change we need in this system.

Here’s the thing. Its only him. First he said whatever but thc. So cbd or anything. Now since I’m proving him wrong he’s saying NOTHING. but the other Missouri cases got dropped when the defendant has a card and on probation or parole. 3 cases in MO already. So really hes just being an asshole. Jackson County Kansas city didn’t care. Just dont do hard drugs. My doctors sent letters, my 2 outpatient t consular and my therapist all said to him that I’ve made tremendous progress not using opiates wjth marijuana as my relapse prevention… but it also keeps me away from amphetamines aswell. But imnon methadone for that and it’s highly addictive and a bitch when it comes to withdraw. I hate it. He said marijuana doesn’t have RX. Well methadone doednt either. Just given under supervision… RX is just DEA tracking system. Plus he said marijuaan isn’t prescribed by a physician and I just got a certificate…

My physician is a licensed MD. I sent him the office number and everything. My doctor even faxed him, letters from the methadone clinic telling him about the progress i made while using both methadone and marijuana. J had cleans back to back to back. Same wirh my outpatient group consular at Heartland change also the supervisor thwre too. But when I keep pointing out his wrongs like he said we got an identification card and doctor didn’t prescrjve it. I corrected him. Then he c hanged what he said over and over again. It was a constant debate…

He’s just being an asshole. But if charges against people was dropped because they had their card even while being on papers in other countries. Then he’s just full of shit. He v said there legal team went to court and thus is the forwarded email. But it wasnt a forward. Its just him typing it. He won’t v let me speak to his super visor. About it… when he said that the supervisor sent that email… the so called forward wasn’t a forward. No email address forward. Just him typing it and changing the color. Article xiv clearly states that if the law applies on a state level but violated federal. Then it’s voided in our favor like a PV. Im not breaking states rules but I am breaking federal rules. There fore the p.v is voided .

Read the amendment 2 article xiv. First 2 paragraphs.

The law is intended to change what ever is needed to protect qualifying patients from any and all civil and Criminal penalties. Violations being one of them.

He kbow im right and that I caught him lying. That’s why he said if I attempt to speak to his supervisor. I’ll get violated and sent back to prison im hurting a lawyer. Didn’t matter if they bring there legal team. It still violates my constitutional rights. Plus I’m in state not federal parole. I’m within legal limits. It’s also in there that saying if we.sre felons we still can get patient. Nkt cultivation unless approved

It’s a good incentive thing to. So don’t catch a new case or your shit is revoked. So thats the only reason they have it to me. And for my medical conditions

If he’s blocking you from speaking to his supervisor and is making fake letters and just blatantly ignoring advice from doctors then you need to go above his head and report him. Talk to a lawyer about what your PO is doing. He can’t legally violate you for speaking to his boss or filing a complaint. You have a major lawsuit against the state and him if he’s threatening jail time for doing legal things. You have to be positive and have proof he’s stepping boundaries though before going above his head. If you don’t convince them he’s in the wrong then you have an even more mad PO which probably isn’t good. Best bet would still be working with a good lawyer and building a case before attempting anything. I’ve never had to deal with with parole but I do know you do not want a PO with a vendetta.