Missing in action

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I will be mostly absent for a couple of weeks.

I will be starting my move to our new place tomorrow. A LOT of work to be done just cleaning it up enough to be willing to stay there. I really don’t have much in possessions, so the move won’t be so bad in itself, but the property has been trashed!

Next week Shands@ UF will be taking my twin great granddaughters by cesarean. Excited and concerned. Baby “B” is anemic with less blood flow. So, will be dealing with a bit of life for a little while.

I will be peeking in when time and thought allow, but I know my thoughts will be too involved elsewhere to really be useful. Didn’t want anyone to think I was just being a dick if I don’t take part in the conversation during this transition of ours. I don’t mind being seen as a dick, but it’s unintentional at this time.

See y’all in a blink…

Take care buddy

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Praying for your great granddaughters. Have fun with the move

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Hope things go your way and I’ll send a prayer up for your family…

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take care ^^

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An early congratulations on the upcoming two new sprouts…glad they are girls, we frown on males…

See ya soon.


Hope everything is fine with the twins! My wife found out 6 weeks ago she is pregnant as well. First time we went in everything looked great for the baby. Second time we went in they became concerned about the twins being in the same amniotic sac. It was a hell of a shocker going from one baby to twins! Went down to the specialist last week and discovered they are identical twin girls :cold_sweat: and everything is looking good so far.


Best wishes to you and your family.

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Congratulations. Your wife is in for a helluva ride according to my granddaughter. Her twins are in the same sac, but they have the membrane between them so it’s not the riskiest twin pregnancy, just been a hard one for her.

Thank you everyone! I just got a call from my wife letting me know that her bitch of a step-mother has been telling people they can go over there and junk whatever they want. Looks like I’ll be serving up some good ol’ fashioned country evictions today.

BIG stink over my father-in-law leaving that property to us.

Off to be the enforcer! …

Thanks again!

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Congratulations to you two :baby_symbol::baby_symbol:!!

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Congrats! Hope all goes well with the babies.


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Well, they are taking the twins today! Here comes the rollercoaster! Lol

Rescued a 4 or 5 week old kitten yesterday. Went to start hauling garbage out of the new place and my wife heard it crying.

I crawled up in the attic (really bad idea in this heat, with very little head space an NO airflow! ) and discovered the mama cat with two more kittens! The one that was crying had fallen down into the studs of the wall between the main house and an addition!

Mama is wild and was not happy about me being there. Gonna have to find her a new hang out. I taught my dogs not to hurt my cat, but even that is an uneasy situation. Especially with our male.

Other than that, things aren’t going well. My father in law’s GF does not want to give up the house. She knew 3 months ago that he gave us that place. Has been moved into their new place for a month and still hasn’t done anything about getting all her garbage out.

This is out under the carport. This one spot is a good example of the mess that is everywhere!

The kitchen.

It’s just insanely disgusting! Too many pictures to show, but the whole place is like that!

The thing that is so upsetting about it is, they had my wife’s dad living in that shit! We went and cleaned the whole property, inside and out about 10 years ago. That’s what they thought of our cleaning efforts I guess.

He had a crippling stroke years ago and is unable to do anything around the house. We didn’t go around because we don’t like his GF and most of her offspring except a couple that also don’t like her because they know how she is.

We won’t let them keep her dad in that kind of filth ever again! I don’t care who it offends anymore!

Sorry. Just needed to rant and my wife is going through enough without me bitching as well. A lot of work ahead!

Looks like I’ll have to shut down my grow until all this is past or they legalize. She is the type that looks for reasons to call the law on people! Stupid Bitch!

Stupid Bitch is putting it mildly…How can a person live like that let alone subject someone else to it. Good Luck my friend

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Even legalizing the stuff wouldn’t stop people from picking a crop if it maintains it’s value. With the growing skills taught in this forum, your outdoor plants will be a target.
And illegal, it’s worth so much more.

I have relatives I can’t trust. Not with a 4 month investment. I want to show some people, but they tell their wife, their wife tells a sister who tells her husband (the guy everyone told her not to marry)…and you wake up one day to an empty garden. Or my wife lets it out by mistake…it happens…it’s months of growing.


I see a lot of cleaning supply’s in the pictures ? apparently she never used them
or most likely they were brought in by you.

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My dogs are very good deterrents. They have only been socialized with the closest of family. The male has to be put up if we want company outside of those few. Responsible dog ownership. I know what these animals are capable of. Babies with family, but that’s it.

At the hospital now. Cesarean scheduled for 3 PM. Just burned one with their daddy. Should help calm him down.


Most were already there. They didn’t mind buying the stuff. Everyone just too damn lazy to use it. And nasty enough not to care. Having construction dumpster delivered beginning of next week.

We cleaned it before. We’ll do it again. This time they won’t be there to trash it anymore.

Plus side, looking for the positive, I see a lot of things around the property that I will be able to repurpose for future grows. Even enough to try hydro. After a THOROUGH sanitizing!

We have a word for women like that. Out of respect for the women here I won’t say it.

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I live in the Panhandle of Florida if you are near there I would be glad to offer my help…

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Good luck with the clean up. Sounds like you found a bright spot with the hydro equipment…

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South of UF. Marion county.