Missed light schedule


Morning fellow growers…? Missed changing light schedule for 48 hours looks like I see bud sites starting to form wanted to veg longer is it to late or can I continue on the 18/6 schedule


If it isn’t autoflowers veg as long as you want :slightly_smiling:
I veg mine for 2-2 1/2 months on average


What bout the fact that I missed turning lights on and off for 2 days my current schedule was lights on from on 2am - 8pm off 8pm - 2am how do I introduce new light schedule


What do you mean - you missed your light schedule? I agree with JTheH if you’re not growing an autoflower you can Veg as long as you want. But once you go to a flower light schedule you shouldn’t go back to Veg. If you do, you will stress the plant and may end up with with a hermaphrodite.


I was not home for 2 days so. They were in the dark for 2 days


You need a timer for your lights. I would say you should stay in flower mode now.


I agree, they’re already stressed, I wouldn’t stress them further. You can re-veg them, but its going to set them back days or more likely weeks, and that’s probably best case


My problem the opposite. My lights stayed on for 48 hours. Should turning it off for about an hour be ok? Then back on for about for its cycle. itd be 13 on then 6 off. The. Back to 16 8??? Id leave them on another day but i have vegetables under my lights also.


They’ll be fine if it’s just one day. One time thing. Are they in flower? It might stress them for a day but they’ll bounce back.


Thanks. They are in veg. And have already been super stressed. And this is my first grow. So still getting the hang of things. My timer has a on, off, and auto settings i turned em on early friday and left on on instead of auto. Lesson learned