Mirror in tent. Good idea?

Any problem using a mirror on one wall of my tent?

Yes. Reflection on mirror is usually too direct and could potentially burn your plants. That is reason tent walls look rough or wrinkled, so the reflected light is more diffuse.

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@Jimmke Its a good topic…I have a funny thing I do after my seeds sprout…I put old scratched CD`s under my solos or pot for pot seedling cups ( shiny side up of course) to direct the light upward towards the seedlings…I have had zero problems with any type of burn and it seems to accelerate the seedlings? I dunno…? Its fun any way…


Dbm has got it but i have a shiny reflective film on my walls almost mimicks a mirror but a blurry mirror. Maybe thats the difference between my film and a mirror is the blurryness of the reflection as a mirror is crystal clean

Excellent information. Thanks

Take a mirror, let the sun bounce a beam off it, put your hand in the beam. You will soon feel why not to use a mirror. Try Mylar or flat white paint

You use a mirror it’s like using a magnifying glass. Burn, burn, burn.