Miracle is smelling it up already 🤭

Hello all,

This is Miracle my beautiful bag seed… unknown strain but was hella good smoke! :blush: Currently waiting to sex hopefully…“her”
35 days since germination and here is the growth pictures I put together.
Say I’m not crazy does or has anyone else smelled their babies early on? This one is letting it be known. :yum::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
We’re approaching our 5th node so how soon can I start my topping and light LST?
Anyone know how far I’m out from sexing it?
Also I’m getting ready to finish up my new growing area (closet) 4x3x7. Can a cool mist humidifier be used? Any experience…
And with me not knowing the strain whats average from start to finish?
Btw I’m waiting on my shipment from ILGM I ordered Sour diesel. Thank you :blush:


Looking nice and healthy. I hope its a girl too… roughly a few weeks away from telling.

As far as topping, depends on how many colas you want, I topped above the 3rd node, giving me 6. If you go above 4th, you get 8. Make sure she (crossing fingers) has strong roots. I waited till she had 6 nodes when I topped and it was 10 days or say after I transfered to 3 gallon buckets.

I don’t LST, which could affect my opinion. Let’s some others chime in on that. Keep up the great work!!

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Looking good!
Mine definitely had a little smell going on once they were about 3 weeks in for sure. I topped and did LST on 2 of my 3 plants and feel they’re doing great. I started once I had 5 nodes and cut right above the 4th.
Sexing them can vary, mine are 8 weeks old and only one is starting to show me its bits.
Currently doing Sour Diesel bag seeds, welcome and good luck I’ll be lurking from the shadows lol :grin:


You could be a few weeks for sexing anyway. Yep I had a plant last winter that I could barely keep in the house it smelled fierce right out of the seed pod! Those are nice looking plants!


Thank you everyone for kind words!!! My very first grow ever buy definitely not a new smoker! I will definitely update when it’s close to sexing!! :blush::grinning::hugs:


I smell mine also. Lol. Sometimes I’ll brush their leave around to release some of the smell.

What’s he story behind the name of your ”mystery” strain?

I’ll tag along to your grow.

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This plant was a random bag seed. Unknown strain and sex atm!

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I decided to do some light LST yesterday afternoon. Already bouncing back towards the light. I also noticed alot of new growth on lower leaves since I bent it over. :blush::face_with_hand_over_mouth::clap:

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Is the name ‘Miracle’ as if “it’ll be a miracle if this thing grows”?

I gave this “thing” a name. It will be a miracle if it’s a female so I named it that. How would I know the name of it if it’s an unknown strain? :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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