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This is in now way a smart a$$ post meaning no harm at anyone in no way shape or form…but I see so many remarks on here about the using of Miracle grow soil being junk or don’t dare use it…I have been at this game for 35+ years and have used ton’s of mg…also have used ffof and a few others, and mg has done fine by me, I love ff but pennies for pennies I’ll go with mg all day…and for the ones on a buget why would you tell them mg is junk and get that instilled into their thought process and maybe even change their mind about growing because they can’t afford ff or some of the other brands, my thought on it is if you can grow you can grow in anything…all the other stuff should be added as one can afford it…I have grew some great crops without the aid of all the expense that comes with all the advance line of nutes. Or ff or any other high priced help…I use it now when I see fit but one should not tell another he or she can’t grow a nice crop unless he spends a months salery…I love this group of people on here…read something new every day and learn from it…did any of this make a lick of sense? If not ban me but don’t take my seed’s away! Ilgm fan


I have used miracle grow successfully on many grows. I personally am from the school of thought that believes that even this soil will work just fine if you know how to work with it.


I believe certain types of soil are better than others, but I don’t believe there are soils that just won’t grow marijuana

For that matter, you could flush the heck out of any soil you buy and start from zero and add your own amendments to it, at that point it wont matter if it’s MG or FF or anything else


MG and Peters will work in soil but not on their own, I mix my own hydroponic 9-13-26 with highly purified water soluble compounds, it works in soil as well.

I’ve used both MG and Peters in soil and got good results, however the soil was sterilized and rich to start with (Fafard) using soil with fertilizer already added can lead to disaster. I use Fafard and perlite when using soil.


Care to elude more on your mix? And what you’ve used from Jr Peters?

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No on my product, that would be a violation of house rules and spamming.

Peters however I used their hydroponic 5-11-26 , Jacks 20-20-20 and Jacks 10-30-20





I’m not sure it would be a violation or spamming unless you tried to sell it to me. But whatever.

I’m familiar with the peters products, I guess I was wondering how you used them? Like veg on the 20-20-20 and flower under the hydro? Or did you use 321 with hydro, cal nitrate, and mag sulfate? I have some knowledge of the use of these and things like mkp and a few of the other salts. I guess I was hoping you could share more than a bud pic.


lol I am not seeing links to sales sites just screen shots but yes am watching

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That was the problem with peters hydro, I had to tweak it and some of the salts were/are pentahydrates and not heptahydrates, their ingredients are agriculture grade, I use only human grade potassium phosphate mono-basic (MPK), H3Po4, KOH, H2o2, MgSo4*7H20

I use no ammonium compounds outside the 1.% NH4 in CaNO3

Don’t worry, I’m house broken, I won’t pee on the floor…


My understanding is that the peters hydro specifically is not marketed as a complete nutrient for that reason? That doesn’t make it bad necessarily, just more versatile in my eyes.

That’s exactly why you can buy the hydro, and add what you need. Whether it be one that I mentioned earlier, or something like their MOST. Otherwise it’s usually compared agriculture grade and horticulture grade, and the biggest difference is the size of the pellets. Both of those are plenty safe in our application, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of support in using minerals that are intended for human consumption as they sit.


MPK derived from a slurry mine containing uranium and other heavy metal compounds is not fit for my consumption or my plants consumption! My vegetables are fed with my mix and they show good Brix readings and taste absolutely delicious!

I don’t want to have to add becquerel (Bq) to my mathematical calculations. What if I get a hot spot? Then what?

So you’re essentially saying that every other nutrient line out there is no good for us because of the radioactivity of potassium-40? Just about all of them contain MKP.

I’m definitely not a chemical engineer, but that’s what you’re trying to say right? I thought potassium is naturally occurring, and therefore subject to being found in nature with just about everything else, good and bad. Hell, the water in just about the entire U.S. is known to the state of California to cause cancer lol. Where do you draw the line with that stuff?

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I draw the line as far away from inferior ingredients as I can. Organics are better than impure chemicals but purified chemical compounds are in my opinion more controllable than organics.

I’m not here to knock anyone and criticize what they’re doing, or in your words:

In fact I believe ignorance is bliss, there’s always plenty of it to go around!

@Sittingbull64 I agree with what you are saying. I am an outside grower and I KISS. I have used MG for many years (50+ yrs ) and have had great success. My gals were strong and healthy and stood up to all types of weather, from Santa Anas to 109’ temp without missing a beat. I don’t pinch, measure pH and use my house water. Now I am not saying any of that is bad or wrong, I just am not scientific or mechanically inclined. I had 6 gals last summer in 5 gal buckets and harvested 1 pound +. There is no right or wrong it’s what is best for you.

Best of the growing season to you! :woman_farmer:


I’m probably ignorant to a lot of things. I’m not willing to live in a bubble to avoid potassium within the other aspects of my life, so I’m not going to worry about it being used in the process of producing my weed either. Butter has supposedly been bad for us for the last 40 years. But now that the hipsters realized the alternatives were just shy of being chemically considered plastic, they want grass fed butter. I can only imagine what they’ll think when they realize those cattle were feeding on mkp lol!


I’m not arguing, McDonald consumers speak for themselves, they eat their nutrients and I eat mine! Butter is bad, any hydrogenated oils are bad! Triglycerides are where it’s at!

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Ya lol. Saying it like that though down plays it a bit. McDonalds is shit, obviously. But butcher quality meats, store bought grains and veggies are all going to be exposed to the same potassium found in the majority of commercially available fertilizers. There are people who are really disconnected and people who go completely overboard, some of which for nothing. I’m perfectly fine with being in the middle.

For the record, I have previously grown just about all of my products with earth juice products. I have recently been looking into trying the jr Peters aqua gold.


I’m not familiar with Aquagold, if it’s liquid fertilizer the thing one must consider is the mix date, liquids tend to precipitate through ionic bonding within the aqueous solution changing the perimeters. calcium tends to bond to P creating calcium phosphate (gypsum) (sheetrock). Whenever selecting liquids always reach for the freshest bottle of milk!

I’ve seen stalagmites form inside bottles of out dated liquids!

P.S. Let the pH go too high and calcium phosphate will start forming as a result, acid stops this from occurring. Tell tale sign is a cloudy whitish substance at the bottom when stirred up, pH swings are the worst thing you can let happen. I know allot of growers get it, but for the ones that don’t:


I think my post took a left turn somewhere…it’s not about what’s best’s it’s about not making it seen that the cheaper stuff won’t work at all…I turned on a friend to this sight because I thought he could gain some insight and knowledge from it…and he said…and I quote I will have to wait u til I save some money because I dont or can’t use mg because he read it wouldn’t work and was junk…I also have read a few post that said the same thing…my point is…we all can’t start out driving corvettes…I started out In a pinto and it got me to point a to point b…not a fast but I got there…and some of the lesser inferior products will get you there until you save enough to buy your Vet! Your all a great bunch of guys…keep up the good work