Miracle grow soil flush

I have a good deal of girl scout extreme plants almost ready for harvest :kissing_heart:. All are doing well thankfully.
Tricomes milky like cereal…and buds are looking rather sexy.
As I’m about to plan my flush this week, my hazy high mind realised that 4 out of the “good deal” of trees was planted in miracle grow potting mix!
I know, don’t kill me, let me explain, I ran out of my own personal soil that I mix, so I planted my remaining seeds in some cheaper soil from the big box. MG moisture control 6 months to be precise, lol. Let me also explain that I am high often, therefore I follow the code of life.
“Shit, I’m low on funds, plant the last 4 seeds in miracle grow dude!”
Yo, but they grew, and grew well. Some small tip burning throughout grow but not major stress flare ups. The buds look similar to the plants in my own mixed soil,… but they are taller, plus I didn’t train them at all. I also didn’t give them any extra fertilizer their whole lives. I was always so tempted to when I mend my other plants, but they always looked healthy. But their leaves are still green! I’m guessing because of the amount of nitrogen they still having pumping in their roots. Autumn effect out the door for them.

So the question is my gangsters of grow: How would you flush a miracle grow soil (6month feed) that houses an autoflower that grew in 10 weeks …?
I have thought of washing away the dirt and placing them in water for a day, but that sounds like over kill.
I have thought of drying them out all together, no watering for 12-15 days then chopping down immediately.
Please chime in…

Just give them plain ph-ed water until your ppms on run off drop

Flushing with water could cause a problem as the more you flush the more the nutrients from the time release capsules get released. Maybe something like floral peen or sledgehammer would help, but I’m not sure. Maybe watering for a few weeks with one of those agents will help dissolve the capsules and trap the nutrients that get released.

edit florakleen. Auto correct loves changing it to peen.


Do I do that with a ph meter
I have a lot to learn…that sounds like a good idea…, Never thought of that or would have… tho it would be alot of flushing, 6 months minus 2 of slow release ferts. I would have to keep bleeding out the fertilizer as they keep feeding my plant as they dissolve.

Agree with @BobbyDigital, problem with them capsules is you have no control of the nutrients. Just a heads up swearing will get you banned

Good head up, didn’t know, thanks.

Check out the links for info on ph and ppms

Good catch. I wasn’t thinking about the time released rap in MG.

I’m thinking of dry stressing them, the slow release only feeds plant when they become wet. So I was thinking of not watering them for last 12 days and maybe the plant will begin using up it’s stored nutrients and therefore flushing…?

Just in case you don’t know how to post pictures. It’s this button

@Dave101 thanks. What do u think about drying out the soil right before day of harvest?

It won’t be using up its stored nutrients. Without water, transpiration will stop so nutrient movement halts as well.

Honestly seeing as you have no control of the nutrients, I’d just keep doing what your doing right up to harvest. I know some people who feed right up to harvest, no flush, with amazing results. Maybe stop watering few days before harvest will make your dry go faster, but I wouldn’t stress. Watch your trichomes, and chop when your ready. Next time use quality nutrients/soil :+1:


Thanks for all the advice! I already haVe a microscope and know how to check trichomes and harvest lol!
But I need to learn and experience more of course , thanks for the links about PPM tho. I am aware of ph,acidity etc …not that big of a noob. I actually have a garden with 500 plus plants producing all sorts of herbs and vegetables etc.

But like every single unique plant, it has needs to thrive and unique needs to be optimal.
Thanks for your advice, especially so quickly. At worst these plants will taste worse than the others.
Btw, girl scout extreme has been extremely resistant, resilient and hardy in my experience, more so than any other strain so far for me. mA

My gsc just started so looking forward to the grow. But I’d say let it ride as bad as miracle grow is discouraged doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Many have no acess to better products in there area and I have followed along with them on many grows. It can be problematic but do able. I have even seen people use live soil in there yard then mix it with miracle grow to dilute it down.