Miracle Grow and Tap Water


Nothing special Miracle grow Tap water and a touch of Big Bud. 90 days from seed.


Guess I should chop the ugly bitch down…


Nice one ! I’ve got some big bud, I think you’re going to like it !

I might leave it go a little longer ? looks like lot of white pistils still…


Im planting BIG BUD, next spring, can’t wait😆


I’m talking about the Nute. Big Bud.


Alright then you saved her life for now.


Lol Those are some very nice large buds bro what strain is she?


Bulldog bite


She may b a Lil unattractive , but let her finish she might b wearing glass slippers… Lol



Had to trim 23 buds yesterday stll have probably that many I left on to see if she will gimme more. Anyways wet weight was 5.5 oz’s outta those 23 hanging buds.