Minor Problem with growth speed of my Speed Auto Seedlings from Sweet Seeds ? Or is it Normal for it to be as small in day5?

Thanks for pro advice
No it’s not wood it’s Coco-Coir Bricks I used to slightly elevate the heater so temperatures are within the acceptable range.
Should I give them 2ml of Cal-Mag, 1ml of Micro 1ml of Gro and 0,5 ml of Bloom per US Gallon of water?

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I was referring to @Pepeall20 about the wood. Sorry for the confusion. You can wait on the feedings until you see the cotelydons(round leaf’s) start to lose their color. Or you can feed half strength nutes and see how they take it. It’s hard for me to recommend something whenever I dont have alot of knowledge about your nutrients. For the Flora line I will recommend a really great grower here who uses that line up and that is @Myfriendis410


Say it louder for the folks in the back.

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Keep a dome over the plants, water with distilled or R/O only (no need to PH if you use either). Plants are developing a root structure now.

Use a GH Flora ‘Drain to Waste’ schedule and start low with 250 ppm of base nutes, PH’d to 5.3 to 5.8. Do not water to runoff and don’t start until cotyledons yellow and start to die. Slowly up the concentration to 700 ppm and alternate with cal mag on water-only days.


WoW That’s a proper advice I was looking for.
Thank You soo much. Will follow your advice and will keep documenting progress so If you are interested on how I’m doing I will update you.
Once again Huge thanks :1st_place_medal: :sparkles: :muscle:


You are absolutely right. It is raw wood lol. It was my first time setting up a tent and realized I needed to allow air beneath the plant for drainage and oxygen and didnt have anything else that sufficed. BUT I have been very diligent about drying the wood and floor immediately after every water.

Unfortunately I ordered some really nice metal plant holders with wheels and they order is a just a bit delayed. So anyday now it will be switched to a proper setup.

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I use glass kids/adults marbles to sit my gals on and as I grow in a sunlit greenhouse the :honeybee:Bees :honeybee: cannot drown :ocean: Yay !


Very cool and creative way to grow. That sounds like a great way to grow.

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Day 11 Update on Grow of my Speed + by Sweet Seeds.

At day 8 I have fed my seedlings with their first nutrients
0,5ml of Cal-Mag 0,25ml of Micro 0,25ml of Gro and 0,125ml of Bloom per Quarter of a gallon of water ph’d to 6.1 Each seedling got roughly 400 ml of water I took care not to pour on the leaves.
At day 9 I gave them their second feeding this time I prepared 0,5 gallon of water
1ml of Cal-Mag 0,5ml of Micro 0,5 ml of Gro and 0,25 ml of Bloom Ph,d to 5,5 and gave each seedling around a quarter of a gallon of water of it.
At Day 10 I gave them a break from feeding and just misted the leaves with Ph.d water
Today at day 11 I have noticed a slight discoloration on the tips of the leaves It worries me greatly As I’m trying to troubleshoot the plant but to no avail. It might be Nutrient burn but it also might be Nitrogen Deficiency It might also be overwatering.
I’m not sure how much water I should feed my seedlings If following daily Feeding Schedule for Coco-Coir.
IF you ask Yes my soil is still moist after those waterings.
I’m uploading the pictures as usual so please have a look and help If you can expert advice will be appreciated greatly. Also, my plants still seem a bit small for the usual size of a plant at day 11 according to ILGM Guide. I’ve seen a video on youtube about feeding seedlings with syringe and only giving them about 10 ml of watering like this every day. ???

its way to early for nutes hence the disclouration, maybe flush ?..I advise reading the above GUIDES for a clear path to pot valhalla :rocket:

read this especially TOXICITY at the bottom of the article, best read it all.

I wouldn’t humidify a flowering room.

Just a quick update on the progress of my grow of Speed+ Auto.

Nutrient burn and overwatering and light cycle was likely the culprits here.

I have followed your advice. Myfriendis410
stopped Nutes immediately cut on watering too much and domed both plants and also changed from 24 h lighting to 18/6 Schedule. Since I switched to 18/6 I’ve noticed rapid growth during dark cycle.
Here is where I’m now on day 15 from seed. Notice Nute burn on leaves has stopped in it’s tracks and does not progress anymore. I just gave them plain Water 6,1 PH. every second day.
I Used USB Microscope on soil to confirm that green patches are indeed green algae appearing on the top of the soil so this is how I guess it might be overwatering stunt.

Do you think I’m already at the Vegetative Stage? or it’s still a seedling?

For domes I Used 2 Litre Coca-Cola bottles cut in half right now they’re beginning to touch the walls of this dome.
Hard to recognize for a First Time Grower. :roll_eyes: