Minor discoloration on seedling

I’m probably just being an over-sensitive first time parent, but these leaves look ok dont they? I’m noticing small spots of discoloration on one edge any maybe some down the middle of the other leaf.

I noticed it prior to dropping my T5 from 12" to 9" because she seemed she wanted to stretch (again, first time parent, what do I know).

Been watering 60ml clean distilled water every 2 days. Humidity has been like 25 - 30 because I’m in Arizona. Temp 75 - 81 F. In FFHF potting soil.

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It looks fine. Humidity a touch on the low side, but you know that already.

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Yeah I’m going to need to get a humidifier. No getting around it living in the desert.

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Just “birthmarks” LOL that looks super healthy to me.

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Do you have, and use, a PH pen? Distilled water is typically ph’d at neutral 7, and you need to adjust to 6.5 for proper nutrient uptake.

Distilled/RO can’t be properly ph’d until you start getting close to 100ppm. It will just take on the soils ph. Kinda like pouring clear into black paint. The clear takes on the color it’s poured into.

And yes, @ZachS , your plant is fine, lol. Actually looks really good.


Did not know that. Thanks! See, can teach an old dog new tricks! Lol!


Yeah you need ions in the water to get a proper ph. Distilled and RO have very little. So the ph testers are going to just guess and they’ll bounce all over the place.

That’s the very reason I tossed out my cheap tester and bought a good one! Thought it was my pen screwing up. Good to know. Thanks @BobbyDigital !

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You just saved me a bunch of time trying to figure out what I was doing wrong while trying to ph distilled water :rofl:

Thanks for the feedback and the ph info!

Looking good of to a nice start

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