Minimalist outdoor flower drying

Although I’m no where close to harvesting I’d like have a plan in advance. I’ve googled lots and need some real world advice now.

This will be my first grow. I’m planting 2 purple haze plants outdoors direct sow in cloth 15 gallon planters after germination. Hoping all goes well, I’ll need somewhere to dry flowers. My husband is VERY anti so I really have to keep it all outside and low key because my property is very visible to the road. (This is nonnegotiable.) Also my budget is $0 :grimacing::see_no_evil:. I could maybe get away with spending $100 but as close to zero as possible.

This grow is just for me so I can stop buying from sketchy people in town. I know that some aspects of the product will be compromised by not being able to control every aspect of the drying process but I’m working with what I’ve got. It took 6 years of convincing to get this far!

I haven’t received my seeds yet for planting (south Texas, yes I know I’m hella late), and as it’s my first grow I don’t know when I should expect to harvest, therefore I don’t know what kind of weather I’ll be working with around harvest time. Texas plus climate change so you can never really know anyway.

Anyway, I’m looking for the most minimalist flower drying method. Like grandma and grandpa used to do. Anyone here have experience or advice?

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I understand you are looking to dry outdoors but do you have an attic? That might be a safer and more private location to dry in.

Plus you are not sharing your crop with critters and insects.

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@MJTECH I do have a rather large attic. I’ll try it. Don’t want it to smell in house but this just might work. Thanks.

You can also look up the WeDryer. Its basically a collapsible “herb driers” but is a little more enclosed than typical and has a small AC powered fan (think computer tower fan) and carbon filter to keep the smell down. Its not 100% but is really pretty effective. You’d want the “XL” version for sure. If you have power in the attic, this would likely do the trick and also ensure some airflow to reduce the chances of rot.

I just used the smaller version for a single autoflower harvest. It did a nice job but is definitely smaller than I thought it would be when I ordered it.


That would be a hard (and angry) hell no from the significant other. After 6 years of convincing and negotiations I can grow only if the house isn’t involved in any way.

Wow! That’s very interesting! Thank you for the recommendation! Drying in 6 days seems fast though right? I’ve read slow drying is better. But I’m a noob so what do I know…

Drying in the house for him is not a option. Last year I hung my crop in a empty house on my property 80 feet of drying bud. I was afraid to open the windows you could smell it from the road 40 feet from the house. You need to dry low and slow then cure for a few months to convert the chlorophyll.