Miniature forest



Haha. I planted a sativa bagseed. Regular bs mexi. But along came a male kush plant just one time to tap that n give me a reason not to kill her. So i just discovered like 40 more to go with my tin can :joy::joy:


Excellent! Wow, you’re going to have a jungle!


Ya just gotta love accidental heroes… leaves me thinkn bout the Delicious Blackberry I got in the tent. I may have to research how to pollinate a single bud once it gets growing​:thinking::thinking::thinking:


They are really going to cop a brutal picking once they get started. Probably only placebo smoke but keeps us outta trouble n outta the crowd. I get off on watching stuff grow. Got plenty of viewing pleasure to come. How’s things your end??


Plastic bag for pollen. Put it on the branch. Shake well. Leave 20-25 mins. Remove bag n spray with water. Done


You Lil bewdy m8. 2 ezy. :handshake::handshake::handshake:


:face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle: translation please :joy::rofl::joy:


You little beauty mate. Too easy.:thinking::thinking:


Hahaha. Sorry. I be high. And sometimes it dont click.


No problem here man. Loved the emoji that come with it. Us stoners hav heaps o fun real easy.:wink::wink::wink:


@raustin @Whodat66 @Weedwizard @Nug-bug @Rickyj @Hogmaster @Dumme what can you guys recommend to use as finishing nutrients please, besides a ph flush at end. Ive been using GH FLORA TRIO and was a strong brew I’m led to believe . Aggressive feeding I think it was noticed as.@hangthebanksters @blackthumbbetty


How’s all the plants doing? How many of the little ones did you end up keeping?


2 have died do far. I put 4 under lights in the tent. The race is on. The random 4 have been on a 20/4 schedule and all have had a soak of my worm brew. 4th set of leaves is at varying stages on all plants. So final tally is now 29 I think. Out of that lot.


Good that’s still a huge amount.


Too many really. But I gotta make the odds go my way for male/female ratio somehow. Should be right I think


The miniature forest has been put under lights as 4 of them were looking much healthier after just 6 DAYS in a 30°C tent with RH of 40 -50% by day and 25°C with ave RH of 50% by night to a now 30°C tent with 70 odd% RH by day and … we shall see what tonight brings. There was a huge leap in rh in less than 2hrs of moving them all in to the tent. All seedlings have had same amount of nutrients, but the 4 test dummies have had juice 1 day earlier is all. Will have pics soon.


Update on the min forest. The survivors are now 28/29 days old n lookn like this…

. Which ones to keep???