Miniature forest



I’m very interested in hearing your methods for separation and when. Just some bush seeds I thought I might throw in this pot full of compost from my worm pit. They are 8 DAYS from sowing to this.



Those are big enough to separate. I would just dump the whole pot out and separate them one by one, and pot them up.

That’s how we did it on the farm.


Flood with water, just like when they wash the roots from soil to hydro


Beautiful. THANKU. Better than waiting till they become a knot. Bushies… unknown sativa strain. That’s what they r.


For ease of separation?


Remind me how big a container to start with please. Some will stay outside. SUMMER HERE NOW. Some will go in the tent after my monster croppers are done.


I would put them into soil cells if you have them, if not 4" pots would be fine.


CHEERS COACH​:blush::blush::blush: u help make it ezy


I have an army of bagseed i wantd to throw all in a pot. :joy::joy::joy: i never would have actually done it. But thanks for the visual


Thats alot of babies


Sounds like you are covered we have great members


Did it last year in the compost pit, just didn’t turn it for a while. Imagine that times about 6. It had to be a slaughter to save my own skin. Got a dozen that were kept then for continual picking and smoking.


Stopped counting at 60.:joy::joy::grin::grin:


You certainly do. This site is a dream come true for a f@#$%r like me. I can fly under the radar here but get the best of help. CHEERS to you all. I have had heaps of great help and tips because of this site. THANKU.


@raustin, I saved 31 out of 60 or so. Best I could do. They were done about 12 hrs ago. They have copped a full day of sun n lookn aok. GO RHIZOTONIC


That’s a crazy amount of babies. They gonna be a garden full of goodness if even half of them are females.


Realistically can’t let their true potential shine too much. Will be probably bonsai ing most of em. Gonna b a few to hang around but. Can’t believe they all survived the day. Be STUFFED huh.


@Whodat66 @hangthebanksters @Weedwizard. I will get to a few other members when I find my list. HAVA GO AT THIS!! :joy::joy::blush:@blackthumbbetty


Your turn.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It was heaps easier than I thought. Did it during the night and kept misting with a spray bottle. Didn’t need original dirt to keep them alive at all. Probs 1.5 to 2" TAP roots. Enjoyed the coir/compost mix plenty by the looks of it. Gonna need the moisture retaining qualities outside as we see up to 40°C days here sometimes. All a planned meal for two only. Not selling the goods. Too greedy…nah not really…Just money conscious. 3-400 an oz here.