Mini tote grow indoors

I saw a thread in here the other day talking about ideas for a little grow room so I decided to build my own. This tote was going to be for a hydro res but got turned into this instead. These are both clones taken from another plant I have…


@Hellraiser look what I did with my new light. I also got my red light initiator… need to run up to the hardware store tomorrow and get a timer for it

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Nice little growbox and bspec light.

very cool indeed.


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Sweet! Are you going to provide regular updates on the grow?

That 8s very nice idea @Riley_ss

Great job !!

Yes I will be posting updates this is also my first attempt at clones. I saw roots coming out of the rock wool before I transplanted into these pots. @dbrn32


@Hellraiser I have an urgent question I need a answer. I have a tight work schedule and it does not revolve well around my light cycle. Is it safe to leave in darkness for a few more hours one day and change my light cycle? They are week 3 of flower and I also have that red initiator lamp that I have been turning on to check my plants in the dark is this bad?

Also I need a reliable pH meter for my DWC grow

Sure, more darkness is not a problem while flowering. I wouldn’t go in there with the red light during the dark.

Reliable ph meter

@Hellraiser I got home today 30 minutes after the lights went out and said the hell with it and turned them back on. I did some plant maintenance that was well over due(since being careful about the light schedule in the past) Tied down some stems and clipped some big fan leaves for the lover buds. She is starting to flower very well! I set the timer to let the light on for 2 more hours and set them to a new 12/12 schedule! Tomorrow now that I have that figured out I ordered a new ph meter the one you linked me, kinda hefty on the price but I hope it works better than this stupid plastic pen i have been using… definitely well over due on a res change its been 3 weeks without one and I see some leaves starting to take damage probably dueto salt buildup? Not sure if you know anything to do with hydro

@Hellraiser I haven’t been able to check my pH in 4 days now since that one stopped working so that is what Im going to be attacking tomorrow after work pray that the pH meter shows up! it’s gonna be a pain with how big these plants have gotten! Holy cow

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