Mini Plants for CBD Autoflower Mix - outdoor issue :( #noob

Hey Folks,

best from San Francisco outdoor area. MAybe a few words upfront, i bought last years some small plants (i assume non-autoflower) and just placed them in my herb garden and they grow amazing. Without me dogin anything.

This year i started with an CBD autoflower mix, germination worked perfectly. I planted them in little containers, thin plasic containers and then moved them in the final 5 gallon bags. Howeve they got some spots which looked like insufficnet fertilization so i throw some 1-1-1 mix on them.

However then the tips crumbled a little bit so i maybe have used too much fertilizer. But i have one bigger issue. My plants started to flowe WAYYYYY to early. all plants are just plant height.

I dont remember when they started to bloom (before or after the fertilizer) since i am now staritng my 2nd attemp i wam wondering if you folks have any recommendations to prevent that early flowering for the autoflower mix.

Here are pictures from my story:


Welcome to the community. I am pretty new so I’m not sure who the most knowledgeable on this but I will be happy to tag someone who should know. @kellydans @PurpNGold74 can y’all help with this?


So how old are they? like from first date they popped up, to that last picture… I think they look great and AF’s go really quick from EVERYONE i see on here growing them. I’m sure Purp or Kellydans will be able to for certain say whether they think that’s premature or not.


They are two months 7 days approx
But they are soooooooooo tiny


Thanks for the tags fellas. Welcome to ILGM @BayAreTechGeek

So thing is… autos kinda do what they want. If you arent finely tuned and making sure they dont skip a beat (1-1-1 snafu) then they are stunted against the ticking timebomb that is an autoflower.

The 2-3 ive grown never really get over 2-2.5 feet. But those were in my earlier growing days and I made many a mistake along their path. Point is. To maximize the 4-6 weeks of veg most give you, one has to be FINELY tuned to plant cycles and dirt, environment, etc.

So! That leads us to things we can kinda fix now. The burned (crispy) tips were more then likely a sign of over (N) Nitrogen fertilization. Correct assumption, here’s a :cookie: lol. Problem is the 1-1-1. Plants do not need N at the same levels as (K) potassium and (P) phosphorus as they go into flower. And DEFINITELY not into late flower. You’re going to want a more ‘bloom friendly’ nutrient for the most part (:eyes: at u Jacks123 users and ur single style feeds all the way thru that make NO SENSE yet works beautifully lol).

And to the clones vs from seed thing. A clone with roots from a dispensary that actually halfway tries is going to :poop: on a from seed plant in speed imo. Its well rooted and established. Seeds have to make pesky roots and get their stems underthem. But there is gold to be found in certain seeds. So dont give up. Try try and maybe try again.

Best of luck all the same!


Welcome to the community thanks for the tag ! Autos general rule will start flowering between 4 to 7 weeks you can get a stubborn one that will take longer. As
@PurpNGold74 mentioned it is important to get autos going without any issues because of the short veg time to get maximum yield. Keep up the good work happy growing.


Sorry to say bro with autos it’s exactly like the name suggests they flower when they want to no matter what light u give them

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