Mini clementine grow

Decided to start another mini grow

Clementine reg seed hope it is a female


About 2 weeks from seed

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I love the name. Never had that. How’s the smoke?

Pretty smooth.major couch lock.almost instant high

Hopeing it is female mother plant was 30 thc.

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sweet. That would be a great mother for sure. All of the fruity stuff I need a seat belt to keep me from sliding out of my recliner! Great evening smoke. I have some cobbler I’m gonna have after dinner tonight!

Clementine Tangie and Lemon Skunk) - from Leafly!

Cobbler is GSC x Cherry Pie

I wonder if there is a hybrid cross between Tangie and Cherry Pie? I think I’m drooling… lol


I hope it’s a she for ya to

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about to switch it over just have to build a dark box

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