Mineral deposits in the humidifier

I run a warm air humidifier in my grow space and although I don’t consider my water to be “hard” my heating element in the humidifier keeps getting covered with a rugged substance that keeps the element from heating up the water,any tips on things I can add to keep it clean like maybe CLR cuz I’m pretty sure it’s calcium buildup,I’ve just been knocking it back with a sanding sponge,but no shit that sucks.Any help appreciated

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Clean it with a descaler. Once it is clean use demineralized water in it.

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You can also use vinegar to clean scale build up any surface, as as you can take the smell. You may want to consider buying some of this.

I have a whole house wicking console humidifer and drop a few ounces in eat each time I fill it. A wicking humidifer won’t distribute the chalky stuff around the house, but the stuff does make my wicks last a lot longer.