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This is not my personal problem but i find it very interesting. These maggot like pests bore into the leafs and hollow out the centers. Anybody else have this problem? I wonder what the cause, affect and best remedy would be for this as well as how often does this happen?

Turn leafs over to see that’s where THRIPS hang out. Little blacks is their poop, if your eyes are really good you can see them,I use a 40 power glass, if you see them look in the support here you will find the ways to get rid of them.

I; Also would like a picture of the underside of leaf.

There are several things that can contribute to pests getting into your plants. A support ticket available in the support forum would help us identify issues as well. :slight_smile:

They look to be leaf miners and are hard to get rid of you can take the bad leafs off and then use neem oil will work well. The female will burrow into the plant and lay her eggs making it hard to get rid of them
Just my opinion…


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I swear I learned a big lesson today … when growing outdoors especially … always check under the leaves. My plants are not in a protected environment outside and I just did a thorough check of them. I found one of the big plants had on the bottom side of its leaf a whole big batch of some kind of eggs. Probably some kind of spider. They looked like little round yellow beebees. Had to get out the DE and douse all of them again. Looks like somebody poured powder on everything.

I was very careful to spread the DE all over underneath the leaves, and there were a couple of fan leaves that couldn’t be saved. I hate bugs!! Wish I could grow in a greenhouse or inside!

Will need to check them regularly for pests. I didn’t have this problem last year. arghhh!

Just did some checking on the interweb … and the damn eggs were spider mites. Hope the DE kills them all dead and keeps them from coming back.

It Should…better to have Spiter mites than miner mites…Andreas only my opinion


I am a big fan of Food Grade CODEX DE

This should help eradicate these pests. Remember, it takes 2-3 weeks to witness lack of activity. This is because the eggs have to hatch and die off.

I have a problem with my cannabis plant it’s on a window sill on a plate so I feed it by poring water on the plate the pot has holes in it and lately I’ve found I’ve been getting these little flies on my plate and I’ve been told I can by spray is there anytype of spray anyone on here have used??

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Now putting the DE on your plants while in the beginning stages of pre flower. Would that have any harmful effect on my ladies?

Have you researched DE? It is edible. It has nutrients. It rids Humans, and Animals of parasites. It is almost as much a miracle as Cannabis!

Latewood … you crack me up! You could be a spokesperson for DE!

The point is; I could never grow inside in organic soil without getting a spider mite issue. When I came across the info on DE; I researched it through and through. I add a TBS of DE to my yogurt to keep my digestive system clean and free of parasites. It is no joke. :wink:

How often do we find an organic product that is edible, full of nutrients, and kills all soft endoskeleton, (sp.?) bugs.

Lakewood, Thank you for that. That is very interesting and I think I’ll give it a try. I’m not getting any younger and need to start taking better care of myself.
I weighed in at the Dr. Office yesterday / 109 lbs
I can’t smoke two an a half weeks out of the month because I have to go to a pain clinic. When I was smoking my weight went to 135 lbs. Going to ask about the thc pill maybe it will help.
If I lose any more it’s not going to be good.

Sorry about rambling on
B Safe

Garrigan … I know this off the topic of the thread, but I wanted to ask you if they do a drug screening regularly at the pain clinic? I would think your doctor would be concerned about your weight loss and want to do whatever he could to get it back up. I see my doctor on Friday and I’m sweatin’ another drug screen. I failed the last one … MMJ showed up. If I keep getting these random drug tests every month, I’ll be on the same smoking schedule that you’re on.


I am honored to be of some help am so glad that I can help you guys. I am not in perfect order either, but I do not have to deal with restrictions to my life style…for the most part.

Instead of smoking, perhaps you should look into making “edibles”. More intense pain relief, and fattens you up at the same time.

I am not totally aware of your situations, but I think it would be a proactive idea to discuss MMJ with your Dr. Tell your Dr. that you have done research and you feel MMJ is possibly an alternative to “pharma”, and you would like to explore the possibility of trying MMJ as a course of pain management.

Just forward thinking. Later, lw

Yes they do every time I go which is the 7th this month
. Sorry I didn’t mean to hijack/ this thread my apologies to all

Ya MT that suck’s big time


My family and friends basically said the same and yes I am going to talk to my Dr. On the 7th…
If I did the edibles, wouldn’t that show up in. A drug test, I think it would.
Iem going to find out if I can just get off all these med’s.


Garrigan … I’m going to continue this discussion in the lounge. Don’t want to hijack this thread.

PS … I created a new topic under the Medical

Oh yeah… It does not matter how you ingest MMJ; It will show up in a drug test. My point was that you should begin a proactive campaign on your own behalf to open the door to the approved use of MMJ.

Now, I think I will find that new thread in Medical. :slight_smile: