Min light requirement for a single mother in a 3x3 tent?

Hello all,
My grow timeframe kerflopped this year and my yield will be hugely affected.
I am looking at keeping a mother alive and trying to control my timeframe better.
Question is what is the minimum light I can get away with? I am 100% off grid with solar and batteries so any 1000w light is out for me…even 500w is huge. Is it feasible?


How big is the plant?

I’m sure you could keep it going with 100w or less at 16+/hrs a day.
You might even get by with a few cfls or fluorescent bulbs at 50watts.
You could always move it from a sunny location to the tent to conserve energy during the day.

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I’d ask about how big of plant too?

Get something with high efficacy and go for like 100 watts or so. Hlg-100 in 4000k. Could double as a pretty good flowering light too, but would need a little help in a 3x3.


Thanks for the reply. They would be grown for this purpose so no particular size yet.
If I could get away with 200w or under that would be perfect. Can set a timer and keep the ma in veg until the outdoor season approaches.

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Yup, I think growerslights has that hlg-100 in stock. 4000k very good veg spectrum too. I think you’d be very happy with it.


Cant help. Use hids but @dbrn32 would know.