Million dollar idea

Hey everyone, so I had an idea hit me the other day and searched everywhere and to my surprise I couldn’t find any.

So I usually take a little mini rake to my soil when watering or top dressing to break it up a little etc. I use a metal one since that’s all that is around. I don’t like using it because I have clipped a root before and broke it.

So I had a though that what it there was a plastic / rubber tipped mini rake. It would still do what I want but wouldn’t cut any roots by mistake. Even better you can have a metal rake with a slip on rubber piece that clips on so you can have best of both worlds.

How does this not exist? Who wants to go in on making this a thing lol. Is this a thing but I couldn’t find it?

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Yep exists, Back scratcher at your local gas station countertop.


Oh snap I didn’t think of that :joy:. Well I could still market mine as the only “official” rake for that plant purpose that also doubles as a back scratcher, now I can charge even more :wink:


You could go to the macabre market and use doll arms.


Damn man you got all the ideas, I hadn’t thought of these. Seriously though I hate the metal rakes with a passion.

Ok those look kinda creepy :sunglasses::v:

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:point_up_2::joy::joy::joy: I needed that this morning Brother :love_you_gesture:


Just search bonsai rake or tools . . . you’ll find a million of them on Amazon

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I have those a ton but they are all metal and sharp.

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Lol I would have never thought but it’s true :joy:

You could use a fork too

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Yea that could work as well. I still think there is a market for my product, too bad I’m poor and won’t trademark or create it :joy:

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Story of my life @Newbie84. I love your idea!

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