Milky Cloud around some seeds

My seeds have been in water in a dark space for the past 3 days. When I went to look at them today, some had the tail emerging but I also noticed a white, clear, substance like a cloud around some seeds. What is this and should I still go ahead and plant those seeds?
white cloudy substance around seeds - Screenshot 2022-04-03 160130


Yes plant them. The white stuff is the inner part where the seed develops a tap root. Now I have had seeds I soaked to long and squeezed the seed and it oozes white stuff. Seed was dead this way from my experience.

All you will be out is some time if they don’t sprout. A few days won’t break a grow.


Welcome to your new happy place :blush:
Lots of pros and highs. :smirk:

Like @MrPeat said. “Happy Growing”

My seeds that showed white stripe (not extended root) may have been planted too soon or into too poor soil. Newest purchased clones have exploded surpassing older plants (3 weeks older) in the newest $$ grow soil, potting, seedling and doubled the lighting.
Should also have added dolomite. Will set a second 48x48x80 then split.
Suspect the possibility of re-planting.
CLEARLY when I blossom int 7-10 gal bags, I will use the best soil and the JACK’s KSink will have arrived.