Milky big bud AN for coco

Is this suppose to look like this ? It’s big bud by AN

@anon95385719 @raustin

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No. This also is big bud by AN

I had a nasty batch of AN recently but my big bud wasn’t one of the bottles messed up

Do you think the coco version is different? I’m hoping so cuz I fed her tonight with some of that :tired_face:

I doubt it that looks gelatinous. It’s supposed to b liquid

Damn. Well just going to have to wait and see what the damage will be :rage:

I doubt much. But that’s gross. Does it smell bad?

No . Didnt really have a smell. It came out like ranch dressing

Mine looked like this

That’s just nasty

Lol sorry hope I didn’t ruin ranch for ya

Didn’t like it before. We’re all good. I emailed AN and when they didn’t respond I called. They had 1 grow support on vacation another one sick and one working from home. I still haven’t gotten a response.

I called and got the machine to call back during hours

If they try to tell u to deal with the store u bought it in tell them it was a sealed product so it’s a manufactures issue. They tried that with me first. She was a secretary I think.

I bought it from my local hydro store and the are an AN dealer so they ARE going to take it back :muscle::facepunch: lol

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Ya they probably will. I got mine on amazon

Fortunately my hydro store price matches amazon stuff as long as it ships for free.

Wow that’s awesome. I wish mine did. It’s about 45 mins from me but would be worth it once a month if they did. I still get soil there Bc shipping on soil is ridiculous. And the cheapest ph meter my hydro store had was 85$.

I didn’t get a fancy one . It’s a PH80 they matched it for $23. I’m lucky since they legalized In Ma. Hydro stores are popping up everywhere

I’m in an illegal state. And very illegal. Even the medical program passed in 2016 has not been implemented yet and that program does not allow for use of flower any type of smoking or cultivating. Tinctures and edibles only purchased at a state run dispensary which there are none of.

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That stinks. Give it time and I feel most states will follow suit and legalize it. They are going to be opening stores around here soon for recreational use but I have no idea how people will be able to afford it. The medical dispensaries are charging patients around 300$ an ounce now add all these taxes on it for recreational sale and your talking around 350$. And that’s why I started to learn to grow and found ILGM.