Milk’s first grow

Check em out… definitely think ur gonna not have space for the 1120s… maybe time to consider boards…

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Lets get this show on the road ladies! Come out come out wherever u are…

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The WWA finally woke up so we are a perfect 3 for 3. Here’s where they all are after 24hr soak in water and then 18 hrs of wet paper towel in bag on the cable box.

So I planted them and turned on the light. Couple days should see sprouting hopefully!


I’ll do a quick update here for anyone that likes to follow, my main thread is over on the paid side. I couldn’t have started without the folks over here tho.

My first 3 never sprouted, was my fault as I did not water the soil enough before putting the seeds in and my lid had holes. Round two I waited till the seeds had 3/4” tails, put in actual 4” round pots with Saran Wrap under a LED grow light.

An unexpected bout with sepsis and a hospitalization with my wife watching over the new two white widow autos and I came home to this…

Couple more days under domes and they were ready to move to the tent with the 320xl providing the light.

I’m still keeping them domed for part of the day and all night with lights off. Just misting domes as the soil is still damp. So far so good on this run. Another week or so and we should be ready for transplant in the 5 gallon air pots.


@Milk, I will be coming along for the ride, that is of course , if you don’t mind. I am set to watching

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Sounds good @repins12. I’ll keep updating here too as there’s good advice to be had.

I agree 100% there is a tremendous amount of knowledge here and a vast amount of experience. I hope to get up and running myself very soon. I have been getting everything together and I think that I am at a point where I can get started. I will start a journal when I get fired up and getting started. I kinda jumped the gun on a plant and I am keeping it going with cheap Wally World bulbs for the moment

. The first picture was taken Wednesday and the second one yesterday evening when I tried bending her over again


First picture didn’t post. I will try this again

. This was Wednesday evening


She’s looking great so whatever your doing keep doing it :+1:t2: What is the strain your growing?

I really like and recommend the HLG lights if you can afford them. With a single plant you could always do a single LED panel which will be much more reasonable and scale it into a larger light if you ever expand later.

It’s a 00 Bubble Gum. I was only supposed to get 5 and it came with 6 so, I figured what the hell. Then I haven’t gotten my tent set up as fast as I thought and here we are. I’m hoping on being set up by the end of the weekend. I have a post: First Indoor Tent Set Up, if you get a chance take a look at it and see if you see anything else that I may need. I’m going with the 1,000 watt mh/hps for now but intend on switching to LED in the very near future. Thanks she is just in cheap potting soil from Wally World and I have fed only miracle grow 2 times. I since then have gotten fox farms and I am planning on setting up my additional pots like this

I also have purchased several advanced nutrients products. I’m planning on doing 6 different strains of auto’s the first and second grow then plan to switch to the photos. I was planning on dropping the other 5 different strains in water last night but, it will definitely be happening tonight. I like everyone else made the mistake of purchasing cheap LED’s off the internet that is until this forum edumacated me. I’m so glad that I found this place and happy to be here. Maybe we could help each other out along the way. We are going to be pretty close with our start dates


Day 10 update: Starting to get things dialed in even more, there is a lot of trial and error to get the temps/humidity just right. Tent is running 78 during day and 68 at night now using the two humidifiers (cold mist and warm mist) on an inkbird. I also watered them fully yesterday when the lights came on as they were getting a bit droopy and soil was almost completely dry.

Went in this morning after the lights and oscillating fan came back on for some pictures.

Going to keep an eye on roots from the bottom now, hoping to transplant this coming week to their 5 gallon cloth pots with a mixture of ocean forest and happy frog soil.


Day 13 Update: Both were looking a little rough, turns out the water I’d been watering with the ph raised a lot in the bottle. Started at 6.0, ph up to 6.5 and after 10 days in spray bottle it raised to 7.8ph.

After giving them correct ph they perked back up and I transplanted them to their final homes in a mix of Fox Farms Ocean Forest and Happy Frog soil.


So far smooth sailing @Milk

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Thanks @PurpNGold74. It’s been a little nerve racking seeing them wilt and get brown spots this young but hopefully they bounce back and I get a decent harvest.

Yup. Looks a tad like slightly overwatering. At that age (in the cups) id only be watering once every 4-5+ days. Now they are in big pots, its VERY easy to over water. Try watering in a circle around the edge of the leaves (far from the stem) to promote root growth by forcing them to grow outwards to the water

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Day 16 and the girls are loving their new home. Next grow I will either transplant on Day 10 or just start them in their final pots right from the start. They’ve more than doubled their size in just a couple of days in the new soil!


Sorry for the delay in updates. Day 24: girls are doing amazing and starting some LST on the larger one. 300-400ppm nutrients and 16 oz of water each. Checked tonight and going to have to start watering more as they are a little droopy after two days.