Mildew problem....can they be saved

I have 4 plants 2 sugar mills and 2 grease monkeys. Flipped to 12/12 on 1/25/21 The 2 grease monkeys are having serious mold issues. The sugar mills are showing no signs of mildew. They are all in a 5x5x7 tent. Is it possible to save the ones with the mold? Or would it be wiser to pull them from the tent so the others don’t get infected?

The mildew has spread to every plant in the tent even if you can’t see it. The mildew is in the grow area and will be hard to get rid of. Moving the plants around the house will just spread it more.

There are a few products that are supposedly safe to use, some up to harvest, some a week or two from harvest. You should go to your local grow store and ask what they have to help ASAP.

In 12 years of indoor growing I never had a problem with mildew until this year. Growing became legal and I did my first outdoor grow. I think I brought the spores in when I hung my plants to dry. I’ve been fighting it ever since, even to the point of trashing a couple grows.

You need to spray every inch of the plant and stem and maybe even the pot itself with an approved mildew killer. Take everything out of the tent and clean everything you can with hydrogen peroxide. Fans are hard to clean, so are some lights.

DO NOT spray your plants with hydrogen peroxide, you will kill off the bud development.

I should also add that before spraying remove any fan leaves you can afford to remove. It sucks, but makes it a lot easier to fight the mildew with fewer leaves and undergrowth.

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Where’d you hear this? I soaked every plant in my tent with 50-50 h2o2 - water during my first grow. They all kept budding normally. I’ve treated a few single plants since then without issue as well. Did kill off the early stage bud rot though.

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Experience, I tried 3% H2O2 50/50 water based on advice given on this forum. Totally fried the pistils. They all shriveled and browned and stopped developing. One of the two grows I trashed.

The hydrogen peroxide doesn’t really work that well either. Has no killing power once it dries, doesn’t stick well so doesn’t cover well, and needs to be reapplied every day or two.

Bacteria that is applied kills the spores, sticks to underside of leaves, and continues to work for several days.

Interesting. I’ve saved a couple plants and gotten them to harvest with what fried yours. In the end we each gotta do what works. Sorry about your mildew issues. Sure isn’t fun!

I had it bad…:grimacing:

I’m thinking an ozone generator between grows is in my future to disinfect everything. I still haven’t totally gotten rid of it even though I stay on top of it.

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I was just reading about what we were discussing. Happened across somebody talking about a sulfur bomb or something to eradicate wpm. Maybe something you could read on. Believe that was being discussed for empty grow room. Between grows kinda treatment

I’ve used H2O2 spray during flowering with no issues. H2O2 is not a solvent for trichomes, if that is what you might be concerned about. I’ve not had the issues CMichGrower has, but it is correct that H2O2 is not a “persistent” killer of mold/mildew. It’s still very effective. I use it in my mushroom grows too.

The best control for mold/mildew/WPM, etc is to maintain proper temp, humidity, and airflow.

My first grow the tent floor looked like this as I had no idea about keeping control of all the things that need to be kept control to avoid this :joy::joy::joy::joy: BUT, I went on to harvest them 3 of em WITHOUT any mold, WPM or ANYTHING ever getting on my plants, I’m not sure how, buy I keep them at least 3-4 inches off the floor, and also I maintained the temp/hum/airflow all VERY WELL, so I’m not sure if that helped, but I’ve since had a few new tents and haven’t had that problem again, as I use one of those plastic slide things that you slide underneath a dog kennel/cage, and clean it every few days if not every day, I set separate containers to catch runnoff so the big peice that slides under my plant shelves doesn’t get very wet anyways but I still clean it

I meant to ask, would that have been savable or just do what I did and threw it way?


I have 2 small hydroponic growing closets. In one of them the plants keep getting this fungus after they start their blooming stage. I’m not sure what kind of fungus this is? I’ve attached a picture. Once this starts it rapidly kills the plants. I’ve tried both Dr. Earth fungicide and Supreme Growers Banish with no success. Between grows I’ve washed the walls of the closet with Clorox. I don’t know what to do next except to tear out all the foil, remove the filters and sterilize the fans. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A spray with a dilute mix of hydrogen peroxide and water can help mold problems.

A photo taken in white, natural light would be more helpful to see what is going on.

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Welcome to the forum. Gotta keep your humidity down to prevent both mold and mildew, your best bet. I believe it was @Hellraiser who said the mildew could be killed with 12 hours of 95°F+ temps btw. And can let your tent hit 90 for an hour a day to help prevent it. But if you got enough air movement inside and being exchanged with dryer air constantly. You shouldn’t have any problems. May have to use a dehumidifier in the room outside the tents.

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