Mildew? Gifted clone may be bad

So I was gifted this clone from a friend when he heard I was growing.

I currently have one tent set up (a 2x4) and I have a few seedlings in soil in there. They’re only 1-2 weeks old but growing strong.

My average temp and humidity are 76.5 and 44%, I currently have no issues with humidity or temperature least of all mildew.

But this clone is concerning me. First off it’s obviously got nutrient burn because the tips are yellow and curled. And then on top of that there’s a white powdery substance on top of the fan leaves.

So I dumped out 1/4 of the nutrient solution and added in some neutral water to dilute it (haven’t tested the TDS yet, it was already filled when I got the plant). And I have it separate from the other plants out of fear of spreading it.


There’s the plant and a close up of the fan leaves. The stem and roots seem fine. But I already pruned a bunch of dead small Leaves that were much worse. But that looks like mildew right?

Any help would be appreciated. Should I try to save this guy or say no way?

I’d spray it down with a neem oil mix, will take care of any mildew and most pest issues (if any). I would do that with any gifted clones or plants, I also do the same for any houseplants my wife brings home.


Top notch advice :point_up_2: home remedies
50 50 peroxide spray bottle
And a few capfuls oof isopropyl at this stage will get rid of WPM amd and early bug issues

Thanks for the advice!

I’m going to try that tomorrow, keeping her quarantined in the meantime.

I’ll update as it goes.

So I picked up a bottle of this stuff and started the regimen it suggested for fungicidal use.

The guy that gifted it to me said something about sodium residue from a drip?

I’m 100% new to hydro so I have no idea what that means.

But hopefully this is it.

Should I keep her quarantined for a while? Or would you guys say it’s safe to move in there? She’s just not getting a lot of air flow right now.