Mikes grow journal!

Tagging along bro; looking good in there :call_me_hand:t3:

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Thanks gro bro, I’m 100% pleased with results so far, the smell is mouth watering the last couple days. I’ve been letting temps drop into low 60s at night this week and her purple started coming out pretty good. It smells like a sweet vanilla cake. Fantastic terp profile (wife’s favorite) its mom dropped a few seeds from a hermed gelato 44 during a big grow I was part of a little while back.
Good genetics from royal queen are in next, royal og - original skunk 1 - white widow - all photos. As well as 2 violet kush autos, one indoor and 1 outdoor… first auto run, ordered em by accident.

Glad to have ya on the ride. Thanks


Getting some nice colors, they’re plumping stacking and swelling more, it seemed like they stalled for a bit but I’m starting to notice some growth again.

Gonna run some extra water through them next watering, been pushin em a bit hard the last couple weeks. Other than that we’re sailin pretty smooth right now.

Thanks to all who view. Support and comments welcomed!


Looking good at the farm Brother! Buds are swelling up and can smell them from here :muscle::muscle::love_you_gesture:


Lastnight my wife said one of them smells like puppy breath, and the other like birthday cake. The kush cakes has been bomb asf every time I’ve had it. We grew it 3 times at the big grow I was involved with, I know I’m paying better attention to them than the plants at the other place, but I feel like these ones look and smell better than anything there. But there were a ton of different strains running in the same rooms. Can’t wait to taste this stuff! 3-5 more weeks I think. The plant on the right is maturing faster than her sister.


:joy::joy: one of those distinguishable smells like a new baby :love_you_gesture:

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Bet they smell amazing :sunglasses:
Looking great wish I could smell them

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BRO!!! KOI POND BUD PLANT??? That’s so zen I think Buddha fell out of his chair and threw up a little bit. :grinning:


It’s our little piece of heaven lol, that pond has been a work in progress for a few years now. Tons of natural gemstones and minerals. Like 10-15 petrified wood pieces various sizes, some fossils, and other funky relics lol. It’s all stuff we’ve picked up on adventures over the years. Glad to share brother


Thanks for sharing man. What an awesome spot.


Little photo time

This is my favorite cola of all! So juicy so plump sooo smelly! I’m really hoping it’ll stack the whole branch top to bottom. It’s looking very likely.

And the little ones, I’ll have to check the date but I think we’re about 2 weeks and odd days.

The larger one is white widow, the others are 3 royal og, 2 violet kush auto, 2 original skunk #1.

Get Growin!


I really like how these 32w feit electric grow lights from Home Depot get the new plants going, 315ppfd-ish @ 14” dli set using 18/6 cycle is 16 :+1::slightly_smiling_face: right where I want it for the first couple weeks. It’s interesting that when I turn off the reds the light measures higher readings… if the red and blues are off it’s even higher with just the 3500k white on. I thought it was odd.


Took at look at root growth this morning and found some healthy mycelium growth starting to take hold. So excited about that. Baby plants are doing great!

4 weeks ago I applied it to the soil 2-3 weeks ago seedlings started in said soil!


Adding to previous post.

Soil still appears very wet, these plants were last watered 4 days ago.


Looks good! Nice and white like ivory!!!



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I just pulled the makeshift DWC plant that’s doing pretty good out of the pond and its roots are looking really healthy actually!

It was an extra plant that got pulled from soil and dropped in my pond on the back porch.

Here’s the root system of the rogue watering hole weed!


That is odd, makes me wanna go test all my lights. Something to do today after :coffee: :dash: :dash: :dash:

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That plant looks healthy and happy!!

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The light runs @ 32w no matter if the 3 switches are on or just one of them, so with all 3 on each color only draw 10.6w with just white on and the others off it’s still drawing 32w. Red/white or blue/white each color draws 16w… kinda weird operation I think. But the seedlings love it.

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